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Need Some serious help with my BUD!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Dannyscott, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Allright so were in the car stoned right.

    and in my nylon I have a bottle of some crazy ass puerto rican rum, and about an eigth of some dank headies.

    the problem is my stoned ass friend put the bottle back in with the cap not screwed all the way and now the entire bottle has poured out and into my baggy somehow and the shit was flooded.

    Now of course if it was just water id just let that shit sit.

    But no its alcohol.

    Is my THC fucked and all i got is pieces of plants?

    Help! Help! Help!

    btw im new here first post.
  2. bolded is ur answer
  3. are you legitly serious? how do you know for cirtain? I mean I still see crystals and shit in it, and the keesh. it cant be fucked can it?!? im about to bawl.
  4. Well your best bet would be to try and dry it and then smoke it and see what happens. I can't imagine it's gonna fuck it up that bad. It'll smell funny and maybe taste gross but whatever see what happens.
  5. I've searched this shit left and right, and cannot find any awnsers. I'm pack up the bong with it and see how it goes.....

  6. hahaha WHAT?!?!its kief bro haha

  7. [​IMG]

  8. take it out and let it dry...
    alcohol evaporates
  9. u made a new strain

  10. L'd M A O

    Your bud is alcohol soluble, so yeah it may be somewhat fucked.
  11. lol yah what kind of rum was it? if it was 151 your fucked haha.
  12. Damn, i smoked it and it hit me like a truck, but I fealt like I had a hangover this morning.... :(

    it was Bacardi Puerto Rican rum, a whole liter spilled into the bag.
  13. Hahah lmao:hello:

    Well welcome to GC, but sorry to say your bud is garbage throw that shit out.

    Are you kidding me you smoked your bud soaked in liquor, I dont think so.... If so i feel sorry for you.

  14. doubtful last time i checked most cannabinoids are alcohol soluble, meaning the alcohol tore them off your bud most likely (it's the same premise for how people make Qwiso hash)
  15. lol just smoke it you're fine
  16. you should just throw all ur buds in a little bottle with the alcohol....wait a couple weeks and then take some shots!

  17. this
    and maybe improvise an alcohol tincture?
  18. No...

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