Need some serious help!! Craigslist purchase!

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  1. ok so i was on craigslist an i found a bong an a gas mask both from same person, the bong is glass on glass with a dome perc ice catcher an is about a foot while the mask is like any normal mask, so the og price she was sellin the bong for was 60 talked her down to 40 an the mask was 20 talked down to 10 she is comming tomorrow an ill admit im a little ervous because the deal seems really great an she took the offers pretty fast..i live in FL an i know they have some bong law or somethin so you think i should be worried shes a cop or somethin? an she said they hve never been used...idk never bought over craigslist before, so you telll me.:confused:
  2. nah just call that crap a water pipe I use it for tobacco and to paranoid over nothing
  3. alright i didnt know
  4. Isn't 60 wait no 40$ for a glass on glass w/perc and ice catcher extremely cheap? Like unbelievably cheaap? And never been used (if she's not bs you)

    Id be worry that's she's tryna bring her bf to rob you
  5. dont buy a bong from craigslist.
  6. Say its for tobacco.
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    Nah. That's the price in NYC. They probably just bought it and don't want it anymore. Just like any other item posted on craigslist..
  8. meet in a public place. that should be obvious though
  9. meet in front of a police station and take a celebratory toke...of tobacco of course
  10. just buy a roor from grasscity or your local headshop if possible.
    It sounds sketch, and if there is a law against it in your state then I would follow your gut. It might just be a simple haggling tactic on her part saying $60. Your call.
  11. text her and be like "it can used for tobacco right??"
  12. text her and be like "it can used for tobacco right??"

    and obviously dont bring weed on you and meet in a public location
  13. Waste of 40 and waste of time. If it sounds to good it is to good to be true. Don't do it op
  14. i thought everything was expensiver (lol) in ny
  15. Did the craigslist ad actually use the word "bong"? if so, don't do it because you're buying drug paraphernalia. If she said "water pipe" then it's alright because it's not being advertised as paraphernalia.

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