Need some serious advice with a delicate situation

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  1. So I began talking to this girl and we started off as friends but she was really flirty. She was way out of my league, but I went for it anyways. We talked for like 4 months everyday but one night we started sexting around and then the sexual tension began. So I asked her to hangout and she said yes. I picked her up at her house and we drove off into some property, hopped an electric fence and trespassed into some fields. We climbed a giant haystack and cuddled and made out a few times. She's the religious type so I was unable to go any farther. Things lingered on for a couple more weeks but then her ex started talking to her again and she basically cut me out. Then her ex decided they weren't getting back together again yet she still won't talk to me. The reason I have not told her to simply "fuck off" is because she is literally the only girl I want. I'm super tight with her family and all three of her younger sisters. So then I got fed up and told her I can't talk to her until im over her. I didn't talk to her for a straight couple of weeks, and then we began talking again but it was so bad. I still had feelings for her. I am hoping that I only like the idea of her, rather than her because I need to get over her. The thing is, we never talk anymore and haven't for over a month. We got in a pretty big fight the last time we talked. I know I still have feelings for her but not nearly as strong as before. Is it okay to start talking to her sister? She's easily as hot and has a way better personality. What do you guys think?
  2. Go for it. It's not your fault if the sis goes for it, ya dig? Like that doesn't make you a bad person

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    Fuck yeah.  Go for it.  She chose someone else over you and then ditched you?  Fuck her sister in the same damn hay stack
  4. Hit it!! But dont quit it. Unless you want some angry pops geetting ready to give you a beatdown. Its like the first check DID lead you on. Then she went back to her ex, like come on mami. You really gonna do that? So its your decision, and your life. But the best thing to do is get back at her like she did with you. But dont rub it in her face, thatll be the worst thing you can do
  5. It's going to be complicated and messy.  The drama meter will go off the scale.  I hope you're not doing this to get back at the older sister.  That would be pretty douchy.   Good luck and wear a seat belt or a protective cup. 
  6. No way, I'm not that kind of person. Her sister is way cooler and I would always end up talking to her over the main girl.
  7. The younger sister is always a better choice.
  8. unless shes 12 aha kidding.. i hope
  9. Unless you have my luck.
  10. Massive orgy with ALL the sisters

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    its a toughie her sis could totally be down or you could ruin the relationship with her fam an come off as some total creep. Honestly, using her sister as a sideline isn't the way to go bro! just give it more time, if you still wanna pursue her sis then go ahead but I don't recommend it soo soon, you wanna truely be over this haystack chick first. And who knows, she isn't perfect, noone is! maybe she will come to her senses? idk..all Ik is all good things come to those who wait. Atleast I hope! ;)
  12.   Relationship problems are funny. I am invulnerable to love so I have no idea what the problem is, other than you didn't get to fuck her. Go fuck her sister. I mean... cuddling is the best thing outside sex, and you already got your fill of that, so just fuck her sister. Why not?
  13. I get attached too easily. :shit:
    Also, I'm not sure if her sister would go for it. The side effects could fuck me over.
  14. I dunno this seems like a overly complicated situation anyways... weigh your options... what do you like that you don't like in the older sis? Does the younger sis turns you on or do you still have super strong feelings for the older sis? will the younger sis get jealous or dramacidal towards you for dating the older sis or vice versa? Just weigh ALL options, just not till the point of irrelevance...
  15. just seems like it could get messy quick if you go after the little sister ..but if you do we're going to need an update

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  16. Only do it if you realllllly like the sister.

    Not to stay close to the first girl.
    Not to get back at first girl.
    Not to try to forget the first girl.

    The sister didn't break your heart; don't break hers.

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  17. Like I said, I'm not that kind of person. I've always been interested in both of them. I'll give an update once something substantial enough to post happens.
  18. yes do it. Bang as much as possible 
  19. Sadly nothing has happened with the sister. Although I did have a heart to heart with the main girl about how I love to smoke weed. She is very close minded and affected by propaganda so that was a huge turn off. I need to get over her like damn.
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    sooo you were only into her b/c of her looks/flirtiness? Sounds like yalls personalities were never going to match

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