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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by billyeye101, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Yes its the same plant (did tell you guys it grows fast lmao)

    Today it got moved into a bigger cupboard and 2days ago i switched it to 16/8 to reveg it for another 10 to 20 days are sooo... so it wil be around (63-70 days old) then it will go into 12/12 for 3weeks then 8/16 for 2weeks then harvest!!...

    I know the key now leave it alone ;) also its been topped since 10days ago i think and its doin well, should bush up in the taller cupboard but aint got a fan system on the go yet did'n have one in the lil grow room either.
  2. New images abit better quality, is it doing fine? any advice would be perfect thanks ;)

    Oh thats just a blunt me mate made iz it was nice pina summit for the flavour :)
  3. Yo, wheres the fuckin plant man? lol i cant stop laughing. You trimmed the whole fuckin plant dude lol. Everyone makes mistakes though so im not laughing AT you, so I hope your laughing.

    My understanding on trimming is this... your only supposed to trim the leaves that are over-shadowing other buds, so that the light can hit them and increase your yeild.

    good luck man.
  4. just wondering, why you decided to do 18/6? 24/0 has shown a 23% increase in yield in final products.
  5. I understand now lmao laughing so loud :D aint trimmed it since 12days ago never again will i chop a leaf off!!
  6. Its on 16/8 so it still grows but does alil on the flowering side too ;)

    Wound'n 24/7 shock it or even turn it into a male? i dont know much tis why im asking sorry :( LAME!!!
  7. No, 24/7 during vegatative period is perfectly fine. Plants grow faster, stronger, with as I said something like 23% increase in yield.
  8. i have learned from sum of the greatest oldhead growers around my area 18/6 for vegging and 12/12 for flowering
  9. Thats what i was going to do but now it 16/8 veg then mid flowering 14/10 then full on flowering 12/12 then budding time 8/16:rolleyes:

    Is that a good idea what i said im going to do?
  10. IMO, I would put it on 24/7.... then 18/6 then 12/12.
  11. end at 12/12......u never want ur first number (light on) to be lower than 12.....u get more light without risking changing the cycle and it turning into a hermorphidite....more light = increase in yield:D .........good luck

  12. Thanks for the info will think about it ;)
  13. Hey dude,
    The Charlie Brown tree is just a goof right? You really didnt trim it like that did you?
  14. Yes mate i did trim it badly too... but its healing good now:


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