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  1. Hi all! nice to meet yas.

    Ive started growing weed for the 1st time just to see what its all about NOW im HOOKED on it!


    STRAIN: Spanish White Widow.

    DATE STARTED: 21.07.07 from SEED.

    GROWING: Indoor.

    LIGHTING: ECO-LIGHT - 125 Watt 5U, 230V 50Hz - 2700K RED SPECTRUM (WARM WHITE).

    CYCLE: 4 weeks in Vegetation Stage - 18hrs on 6hrs off (5am till 11pm)

    WATER: Once every 2nd morning (9am)

    (I've also pruned it well just took off the big leaves so that the new stems and shoots grow more which they've done.)


    Sorry for the crappy quality in the picture! just i aint got the hang of my new digi-cam.

    Any advice on what to do now? Just i heard topping is good to slow growth down but makes its more bushy.. I've seen the topic on how to top etc seems interesting but am just a noob what do i know!!

    Thanks to anyone that helps me or guides me to the right direction.

    PS: what you guy think of my baby? just ask me questions, im happy enough to answer.
  2. Sup Spike?

    Just a few things suggestions, and questions...(BTW, I have a similar grow you should check out on the journal forum)

    You have a 125 watt CFL for 1 plant, and your gonna want to use as much as it as you can. I would suggest LST right now, to get more serface area for the light to shine on. You can go ahead and top it now too...why not!? Have you read the topping and LST stickies??

    Umm, if your not going to add more lights, you should start flowering ASAP. Plants tend to double or tripple in size once you turn your light to 12/12, and your plant looks a pretty good size for the light power you have. How big did you want the plant, or how big a space CAN you grow to? I like details like room temps and PH numbers, and soil types, and fertalizer what ya got??

    I'm not an expert, but I don't prune in veg. I do in Flower to make space for air, and light...but to me the idea of veg. is to grow leaves and why trim now? Wit til you need to remove leaves to make room for the buds...again, thats just my opinion.

  3. Ok here's a picture:

    So your saying i should just go onto 12/12 as of now? what will that do? hehe JOKING!!

    It will show sex plus budding stage ummm yummy. Am i right?

    Want the plant to be half the size of the growing room which is'nt that big anyway as you've seen on the pics. Space size is just a partition cupboard look at the pics. Room Temp is
    80/85F. Ph is 7.0. Soil ummm dont know just bought some from a shop, the soli i got is ment to help plants grow better and stronger. seems to be doing the job too! Fertalizer ummmm just stuff thats in the soil jelly stuff etc.

    What ya think?
  4. Seems like i'm a ghost or you guys are very busy..
  5. Hi man, you should put some reflective plastic on the inside of your cupboard, if possible increase to two 125w Lights?

    as IslandMon said LST that plant.
  6. 1 light will do perfect plus dont have room to put another light in, maybe cfs or whatever its called can be put it but dunno if its too late now plus no money really.

    Got loads of white plastic sheeten but its now in flowering stage so dunno if its any good now.

    LST the plant ummm dunno, its too big to do it plus it might break the stem, ive string down 1 nod at the bottom just look at the pic.

    Any other info i should now about?

    Thanks for helping me.
  7. i suggest that you take your time and let the plant grow as naturally as it wants to. go to your local greenhouse supply and get a bottle of "Ironite" and follow the directions on the bottle for indoor plants, use it every other watering. its probably the best plant food you can feed to your kids during the veg phase.

    i also suggest that you don't listen to most of the advice about such extreme techniques around here. its called weed because its a weed and it will grow anywhere if it can.. your only responsibility is to mimic a natural and comfy environment for them.
  8. Dont wanna give it any food apart from water and dropped off leaves or pruned leaves.

    heres some pics umm bit rubbish used ma phone etc.

    as i said im only doin this to see what the big deal plus to get some nice weed for my own use! so av got it on the flowering stage now! its 43days old now!
  9. Here's some pictures below: as you can ive pulled down all nods apart from the top section. Was it a good idea to do so? if not help me please, as i dont have much info. Thanks

    Plus dunno what it will do now, might just pull the stems up etc etc.
  10. no offence dude but for ww it looks hella tall and pritty sparce for its size i wud suggest more wats on tha biatch and some reflective material surrounding it

    remarks are made from comparing my currect ww grow with your pics

    this is my 1st main grow also so i'm still learning too :)

    600w hps son agro
    12'' ruck inlfine fan
    4'' outside line
    ww femi x4

    GL m8 -DeN-:hello:
  11. Nice setup for the first grow 600w ummmm yummy!! any advice then please tell asap thanks.

    I've trimmed it too much but i think it might be ok with it just gone into the flowering stage, what will happed now? thanks again.
  12. You shouldn't have trimmed it like that. Those leaves you cut off are the engines for your buds. Just let it grow.
  13. Dude you REALLY Shouldnt have done that. THat could put your plant into shock. Then your going to have to wait another month for it to start growing good again.

    Those leaves are very important. Everything on the plant is like a living organ. Each steam that you took off could have been a beutiful bud.
  14. I am now ummmm pissed off with myself!! Aint seen the plant since sunday night have watered it though on the same night. When shoud i water again say another 2 or 3 days when soil is dryish? Did'nt mean to trim it that much just went abit crazy.

    Also i can look at it if i wanna but i dont want to!! cos ill just end up killing it!!

    And im not happy about trimming it!! Made some mistakes and now i have to deal with it.

    Those steams would of had lovely juicy buds on them put its too late for them now :(
  16. New Images ummmm what you guys think? 3days in flowering:
  17. I can't believe you trimmed your plant that much haha. What made you do that??? Guess it shows what happens if you don't read/research enough before making big decisions like that. I'm a noob myself and there is no way I would've trimmed mine down that much. You might get an eighth if you are lucky. Make sure you read through these forums before your next grow. There is enough information to become well educated even if you have never grown before like myself. Learn from your mistakes too.

    PS - wasn't trying to bash you but it is just common sense not to trim that much:D
  18. I know i know :( gonna grow again after this one is finshed. but ive hardly got no space in my bedroom, cupboard will stay but i wanna re-spot it for the new grow later on...
  19. Moved to new grow room lights on 16/8

    Pics below:

    What you guys think now?
    Any help will be greatful.... Thanks/GC
  20. is that the same plant and you re-vegged? Definately a good idea for how much you trimmed that plant.

    The key to trimming is only trim leaves that cause a shadow on bud sites.

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