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  1. So I germ'd 4 autoflower seeds using the paper towel and bag method. After 1 full day, there was no tap root (not surprising). However being impatient, I put them in a cup full of water and they all sank to the bottom. They stayed there for probably about 20 mins. After that, I put them in pots. 
    Here's the dilemma: They've been in pots, outside for probably like 4-5 days and still have not sprouted. 
    I have been doing my best to keep them moist, lightly watering them with rainwater (enough to keep the top soil moist, not enough to rot the seeds I don't think). 
    Should I be worried they haven't sprouted yet? Or in other words, did I fuck up lol
    Thanks in advance blades! 

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    Freshly sprouted cannabis seedlings are very sensitive to low temps. If it got below 60 - 65 then you probably killed them
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  6. i would give the seeds atleast 15 days to sprout.  sometimes it can take even longer depending on your grow conditions
  7. How deep did you bury the seeds?

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