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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Blue Headband, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, been a member here for a little while laying low and reading up on my topics and now bout to embark on some kinda journey. Need some pro-tips for a first time grow. Basically everything's planned out and needs critiquing.

    Starting with 6 plants all grown inside of a grow-box similar to MicroGrower420's cabinet design ( Cabinet is 6' wide by 20" deep and 3' tall with 2 separate partitions for vegging and budding

    Now here's my questions.. Hypothetically speaking, if one were to have one cabinet with T5 bulbs and one cabinet with HPS bulbs, would one need to install ventilation hood/fan? Also, what type of wattage would one need in each of the 2 chambers to support 3 plants?

    Also, considering the bulbs in each chamber, which I'm assuming will need 250CFM fans, as well as a room that is 8'x6'x8', what kind of ventilation fan should one consider for the room? I was thinking a mixed flow inline fan connected to a duct system to outside but I'm not entirely sure how that works. Also, does one connect the ventilation from the lights to the ventilation out of the room/box? I'm really just unclear on a ventilation setup with a box inside of a small room that both need to be ventilated.

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