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  1. my plants are about 3 weeks into flowering im putting some pics up so i can get some tips and advice on what to do. she is an outdoor plant and it is starting to get cold at night and i dont want her to freeze and die on me , i would say by the 2nd week of october i should be good but if you think otherwise please tell me thx. and another thing can anyone tell me what strain this migt be if thats possible. thanks alot hope these pics can help

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  2. no one can help at all?
  3. can you bring it inside at night? that's what i would do. bring it inside and put it in complete darkness for 12 hours. then, when the sun comes out during the day, take it back outside. that's how i would finish my harvest if i were you. as far as strain goes, all i know is that it is a sativa because it's so tall and not super bushy like an indica. hope this helps.

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