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need some pointers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jet Junkie, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. hey met a guy whos going to hook me up with some pot. never smoked before looking for some pointers and tips. do's and dont's, what to expect?
  2. Don't smoke too much.
  3. Never give someone money for them to go get the stuff. Get a scale and find out the standard prices and weight in your area, inhale :smoking:
  4. hes getting from his guy its reggie grinded with hash im getting it for 20 a gram and hes giving me a pipe for five
  5. Reggie grinded with hash isn't a common thing to buy, seems like a lame "hookup"
    ask if he's got dank bud
  6. what should i expect for my first high
  7. he personally smokes it and got some extra for me
  8. You should probably expect to get ripped as hell from like .2 of that if it's your first time AND it's mixed with hash. I've never bought it that way, but whatevs.
  9. is 20 a good deal for a gram of reggie and hash
  10. depends on the hash ratio, reggie usually runs 5 bucks a gram, but if the hash is quality it could be a deal. Like I said it is not normal to buy mixed reggie and hash, you'll get to the point where you just want to buy buds or hash
  11. Just ask if he has dank bud.

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