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  1. Hey,

    I planted my seedling 3 days ago and three were all thriving but i seems as if they stopped growing and there is a slight yellowing of the leafs. I read through a few threads and decided i would buy a ph test kit to check it and right enough the waterrun off is looking like pH5. Is there anything i can do just now to reduce this? The seedlings are still in 12ox cups.

    I dunno why the ph is so low as i'm using canna pro soil which is organic and states PH7 and when i watered the soil i used tap water which i tested tonight which was also Ph7.

    Anyway i will buy some ph up tomorrow but will the seedling be okay if i flush them?

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    If your giving your organic soil that is pH7, water that is pH7...your runoff can noway be in the pH5 range. You might want to recheck your ph meter. Be sure it is calibrated correctly, they usually come with calibration directions, which require a 4.0 and 7.0 solutions.

    ...typically, soil grower's that utilize chemical fertlizers have pH issues such as you mentioned due to the soil being such as great buffer for the salts of the chemicals. If your using soil with organic fertlizers you should never have ph issues as long as your waters are ph correct (6.5 for soil).

    ....going on a hunch, I'm going to say that the organic soil that you just introduced your young ones to was too strong for them....or, your overwatering your plants which suffocate the roots. Good luck.
  3. Dont flush man. I would be double checking your readings on the tap watter.
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    The only ph kit i could find yesterday was from my local fish shop and it's in solution form so i don't know how that could be wrong. I measured the ph by adding some ph7 bottled water(the soil was pretty dry anyway) and testing the run off water which was showing about 5 on the colour chart.

    I found some bicarbonate of soda in my cuboard and added a little to the bottled water which when tested was about 8/9. I added this last night and the run off water was more in the 6/7 range. I checked this morning and there's not really been much change, i hope i ain't killed them.

    Is there a change that the paper cup that they are in could be affecting the Ph?

    This is my first ever grow, man i thought it would be easy:(


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