Need some "outside activity" ideas

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by jimboob, May 6, 2011.

  1. I'm striving to be more active all day every day. I've got my diet almost down pat, so I've got the energy. Problem is i quickly run out of crap to do. Now that it's warm out I have more options...but still find myself bored.

    -I have a basketball hoop bolted to a tree in my back yard, so I can shoot hoops occasionally but it sucks not being able to dribble on the grass.

    -I can play handball behind this shopping center we usually play at.

    -My cousins got a pool so i'll be swimming soon.

    -And occasionally I like running a quick 10 minute mile, just for the after-glow...

    -Fighting the punching bag is ok once in a while too

    But i still would like some more ideas, just to keep things fresh and fun.

    Just thought of another one; swimming in the ocean. Much more fun that swimming in a pool.
  2. i play basketball alot and now that its warming up i will be able to again if you want to rely play bball which is fun high and sober i recomend getting a hoop maybe in your driveway or street so that you can dribble and things like that
  3. Climb your tree. Do hanging leg raises from your hoop. Practice trick shots on the hoop and sprint after the ball. Go on runs and explore your town. Get to somewhere you didn't think you could.
  4. have you swam in ocean before? ...not much better than pool
  5. Soccer..even if it's juts dribbling

    Join a gym/find a friend with workou.t equp.

    And best of all ride your bike!! Explore , ride and enjoy the chunes while riding:wave:
  6. urban exploration
    urban exploration
    urban exploration
    urban exploration

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