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    So i sold my Cobalt and Saturday im going to this local lot to pick out my new ride. I went their today and checked it out but i cant get a lone till Thursday. I wanted to stick to a price budget of $5500 or less. I found at that lot a black 2002 Blazer zr2 5 speed with 100k pretty much perfect shape besides for needing tires for $5000, a mint dark green cavalier z24 5 speed with also around 100k for $5200, and a black 2003 Saturn Ion 3 door with also around 100k miles. Thing is the interior is shit, big hole in the drivers seat and dirt on all the others. The Saturn is $4200. As you can tell im a pretty big GM fan, never owned another brand. Thing is im wondering about is if i should get the Blazer because it is a 4x4 which is really useful for where i live in the winter but be would dog shit on gas. Or just get the cavi or ion based on there good mpg. You can still get around up here with fwd cars as long as you have snow tires but not as easily as a 4x4 especially on the shitty ass dirt road i live on. What are your thoughts?
  2. My thoughts are that you should look at another brand.
  3. [quote name='"Kman420"']My thoughts are that you should look at another brand.[/quote]

  4. I will have to agree, all the listed vehicles are shit and you can find much better in your price range.
  5. Don't settle... You have 5500 to drop... that'll get a you a damn decent car far better than what you listed.
  6. You asked for our opinion.

    Those cars are crap.

    If someone GAVE me those I'd donate and receive tax money for it.

    If GM is all you'd take, why even start a thread?
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    This is what you want for 5500? US dollars right? Go on your local craigslist, get mechanical inspection before buying and do a thorough test drive and check for rust because if you live in the snow there will be rust, just how much... Ask for maintenance records if available too.
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  9. Lmao ^. If the man likes american then I guess we have to stay within his boundries but im with everyone else. Chevy's are doo doo butter. IMO for a chevy, camaros are alright but if you're just looking for a 4x4, any SUV with that will do. Cobalts are in the top ranking for MPG from what ive personally seen from Chevy. AWD equals lower gas mileage also. For snow, Subaru's & Volvos are really good and have a lot of AWD cars.
  10. is it missing a door or something? or was that a typo?
    i don't think i've ever seen a 3 door car lmaorofl:laughing:
  11. 3 door usually means a hatchback with 2 doors. Same as 5 door meaning hatchback with 4 doors.
  12. I've had good luck with GM, however for $5k you could buy a really good used import. My choice would be Honda...btw Saturn is total shit....
  13. ah i see. now i know. thanks buuuuudy:wave:
  14. Some people refer to this as 3 door too since there are 2 on one side and 1 on the other


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