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    I was working on this piece, just to practice working with light. And i know this piece isn't perfect, far from it, but what i would like you guys to tell me is whether or not i am on the right track (light-wise :) )




    Any comments are appreciated!
  2. i think the edges of the "sun" need a lil more blurish i guess would be the word it looks too sharp
  3. but besides theat it looks great
  4. Thanks! I uploaded a new version

    I added some more light to the edges of the sun and the moon to smoothen the "sharpness" out. I also played around with the light in the background adding some more "light rays" to add some realism to the lighting.

    Please tell me what you think :)
  5. I think the light around the sun should be even and diminishing in a circle like way. I don't know it seems sort of blotchy and un-physics like.
  6. Thanks, i'll take that into consideration. :)

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