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  1. So I'm talking to my ex and she's telling me all about her current boyfriends band.
    And I asked what kind of music and she said "not your taste" to which I replied coldly, "Most amateur music isn't"

    She said they're not amateurs

    She directed me to their youtube page and I found some songs

    She recommended
    [ame=]Angwish "Into The Void" @ Avdou, Greece Ikarus Fest 2010 - YouTube[/ame]

    What do you guys think

    personally I think it's kinda mediocre.
  2. I think indie is the genre. The pidgeon toed guy singing lookes like theres a vibrater stuck in his vag
  3. I dont fucks with it, but I could not go on stage and rock like that, can't hate
  4. Well.. like THAT no I could not go on stage.
    But if I was doing something I liked I think I could.
    Like if I record all of Mike Birbiglia's jokes, and go back in time and say them before him.
    I'd be cool with that. Not trying to steal his thunder but that man says a lot of things that I've thought before.
    Oh and keep the comments coming.
    I thought it was funny that she kept commenting on how pro they are and she's lined up like 55 gigs for them this year but their page has 6 subs and like 400 views per video

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