Need some opinions got some questions help me out please

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  1. I have a 4 by 4 by 80 grow tent to 600 LEDs I was wondering if I should get Autoflower or stick with regular feminized seeds also have other questions I'm also only allowed legally six plants so what should I do
  2. You can use autos or fem. Autos just dont have to have 12/12 to flower they start when they want to you could use either and train em to fit your space
  3. For best yield would I be better off with autos or feminized or does it not matter and what strain dude would you say is good I'm a sativa fan only growing six
  4. Iv never grown in a tent and im working on my first autos atm so wanna wait for some exp. Tent and autoflower folks. But iv seen pics around this forum of massive autos i think depending on genetics some of the newer auto strains are up there with photos.
  6. Only bought seeds online once do you have a site that you like that's fast and reliable
  7. Iv used nirvana for years i think my last pack dropped in like 7 days or so they dont have a wide selection though
    I used true north seed bank took a while with processing but landed in about 2weeks there are several domestic i havent tried but are highly rated around here. seeds here now is one .mephisto genetics they have autos only. Dc seed exchange. Maine clone company. But i have not dealt personally with any domestic yet.
  8. I'll check them out another question lol using regular feminized seeds. How tall do you let them get in vegetative state before you switch the lights
  9. Auto are much easier, and that's all some of us grow.
    Many folks who haven't grown autos wrongly believe they are more difficult that photoperiods.
    The no-brainer auto play is to order directly from Mephisto for US Canadian UK customers.
    Their 1-seed packs really contain 2 seeds, with freebies on top of that. Divide their quoted seed prices by 3 to get the real cost per seed, for direct orders only.
    They give realistic size, time, and yield projections.
  10. I'll check it out thank you very much also do I top autos
  11. Some say not to top or stress autos too much iv just been lst mine but then again some do top and main line and turns out good
  12. I've got a 5.5 ft Autoseeds SuckerPunch that was topped and trained.
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  13. Cool I'm sure I'll have more questions but not today thanks again

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