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  1. Thanks for all the great reading...Long time outside grower, first time indoor...Small box setup. Two boysenberry kush clones...6 inches now, looking for a nute for there something that would work that can be found in a local hardware store? Totally new to nutrients so any help would be great!

    Figure I will give them a boost now, wait two weeks of straight water, then take them to 12-12....Any advice on what to use in flowering would be great as well, any tipes or advice?...Thanks in advance!
  2. With only two grows under my belt I know you'll get better advice than anything I can offer, but I've had very good results with the General Hydropinics line of nutes. Affordable, easy to follow feeding schedule and if you are just starting with a small scale set-up it will last a long time. I'm not saying there are not better lines out there, but for new growers like us, it's OK to keep it simple.

    BTW, when I was getting ready to start my first grow I did alot of research on nutrient lines and I found quite a few old school/seasoned growers who really like the GH line of nutes.

    Best of luck guitar99
  3. Construct a solid organic soil mix and you'll never need to worry about going and spending your money on "chemical nutrients", nor will you need to check your pH or flush your plants.

    If you are interested in gardening organically I could help. If you have your heart set on buying chemicals then somebody else would probably be better suited to answer you.

    Best of luck with whichever method you choose.

  4. The biggest mistake new growers make is not using a ph meter and a Trunchen stick. Yes both are $200 combined but well worth it. Especially if you run into problems. The first ? I ask is what is the PH and how much (EC) ferilizer are you using. Then i worry about Temp, humidity and light.
    Any nutrients from the store will work its N-P-K. The difference is in purity. I use advanced but if you look at the container for the beginner nutes vs conniseaur its the same N-P-K ratio. So whats the difference? As long as you fertilize at EC 1.5 to start and not go over 2.6 at any point you shouldn't have problems provided your checking nutrient PH and then runoff or soil PH. PH is so important. Less is more when using any new nutrient. One last point, don't forget your micronutrients if your gonna get a hardware store fertilizer.
  5. The biggest mistake new growers make is not using a ph meter and a Trunchen stick

    Well that's definitely not necessarily true. It might be true for a hydroponics gardener But as an organic soil gardener I gave away my pH pen several years ago and haven't needed one since.


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