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  1. I need some new hobbies- I had a stroke 8 months ago effecting my right side and it has taken away a couple things I started back on the last few years and even left me out of a lot of random stuff I'd otherwise be doing (like wandering into town on a nice day and meeting random friends to go chill by the river with). Was really hoping I'd be ready for art class again this fall but I won't and I have made occasional attempts at the instruments (another thing I started back at shortly before the stroke) but I'm still far away from, doing that in any real way. I have felt very left out by my so called "friends" as few have responded to my asking them to do things I can like just meet for coffee or go sit in the park.

    So here I am physically and financially restricted- any thing I do must cost very little and very little physical activity- any suggestions? I already love to read (which people keep suggesting) and would also like things where I'd be around other people (need new friends too). Thanks. Peace.

    oh and I only live in an apartment which also restricts a couple of my ideas.
  2. I`m very sorry to hear your troubles , but id recomend smoking some erb and typing fiction stories maybe? you could also use this time to study for a new profesion

    hope I helped
  3. Join a book club. Or a Stitch 'n Bitch group (knitting)
    Or get a remote control boat/car/airplane and become one of those guys.
  4. Models. Airplanes, cars, boats
  5. fishing
  6. How old are you?
  7. Make your own wine.
  8. bike or skateboard or basketball or tennis

    tennis is fun

    or pool
    or swim
    or workout
    the list is endless really
  9. Play Team Fortress 2
  10. Become A Pick-Up Artist
  11. Thanks for the sugestions- keep then coming.

    I'm age 46 so it sucks- 80 year olds are supposed to have strokes (or at least like my dad at 63)- thought it's "good" at my age in terms of long range recovery but I may not get it all back.

    sports are pretty much out- maybe I didn't make that clear enough- as while my leg is working kind of good I still use a cane and my hand arm functioning is maybe at 50% its hard to judge.

    Makeitsleet- it's funny you mention the rc planes as my friend suggested a stargazing group meet once a month "at the field where they fly the planes" as she put it which I did know right where she meant. Do you know how much a low end one costs? Do you need both hands to control one? I was right handed so my left hand isn't the best and now only partial use of right. Maay be good to meet guys to as I'm female and I know it's a mostly male thing but I have been curious about it. I should just go hang out and ask some questions.
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    I do this. Quite easy. And gratifying.

    Ps. Smoke herb
  13. R/c cars. Not that radio shack/walmart bullshit either
  14. Nitro rc cars, those fuckers are fast. I never owned one but my buddy did in middle school, that thing was fun too watch. I wish he let me use it :(
  15. I wish I liked beer and wine cause I know people who home brew and could give me tips. Though I doo like mead (honey based wine) so maybe I'll ask a few about that-my friends dad made some excellent meed the x-mas before yummy.. But one batch would last me like a year,

    I probably have about $100 to $150 to put into any new hobbie.
  16. bird watching. sounds gay at first but really, you connect with the bird community
  17. photography
  18. as someone above me said brewing alcohol is very rewardng i find , last year i brewed my own wine and it turned out great
  19. that is also something I'm interested in- I recognize a lot by site and just got a CD of bird songs/calls cause I have never learned which goes with what. I know there I a group meets in a park near here. I'll have to make some calls to try to find out how far they go someone gave me the impression they do long hike and a serious hike is out with the cane but a small short walk to sit and observe would work.

    if any of the wine people have links to some easy instructions can you post them so I can see whats involved? I'm sure I can get some mead recipies. (used to do a lot of mid-evil/renaissance re-enactment stuff but that went out a few years ago even cause of other health stuff)

    I want to lear to knit too but not sure I have enough co-ordination yet.

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