need some much needed input on this roor I am considering buying

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  1. There is a, so he says a 7.0 icemaster roor (german glass) that comes with a 20 cm diffused downstem and a bowl piece that he is selling for $200. My knowledge on roor bongs are somewhat limited but I thought 7.0s were green lettering and this one is black unless it's a custom job or they just simply make them in black. It's tough to see what kind of thickness the glass has from the pictures but here are what he sent me, if anyone can tell me if it's truly a 7.0 or your thoughts, I would much appreciate it.


  2. Roors are over rated, i must say. I've hit roors that cost 100 dollers and roors that cost 700 dollars. I get just as high off my 80 dollar no name brand glass bong.
  3. [​IMG]Again? Why does any thread mentioning Roor turn into something like that..

    OP-I duno about the black label and 7mm, it could be legit, but personally I duno.
  4. you could get from point A to point B in your piece of shit 1500 Hyundai, or you could get to point B in a 90,000 dollar beamer.

    You would still get to the same place, but in which care are you the most comfortable/satisfied?

  5. but what is so much better in "getting there" with an expensive bong?

    ive never smoked any bong so i dont have an opinion yet

    like what is worth the extra $200?
  6. A nice car compaired to a shit car is much diff then a roor and another bong, roors are just overpriced and say ROOR in big letters on them, other then that they arnt worth it, go buy a nice 100 dollar bong and get a few ounces of dank for the price of a roor
  7. It would be like me buying a honda civic, or buying a honda civic that says ROOR on the side for 5 times the price....
  8. No. It wouldn't.
  9. yes. it would.lmao
  10. the more he says about roors being all about the name the more i think hes right

    on a side note: i have seen illys with badass coil coolers things. i kno theres no way u can get a cheap on of those. so i would gladly pay more for that

    but for a straight tube with the same thickness glasss, wouldnt the only difference be slightly nicer looking joints or whatever the parts called where u put the pieces together

    id be more inclined to buy the cheaper one based on what i jst typed
  11. What's more fun than smoking out of a sick bong? You'd know the answer if you try one. There's your $200.
  12. Well...maybe you are right. You do seem to be a smart kid...with the thread about 'whats hash?' and all.
  13. Yeah, my friend has the same bong i have ( basic, thick glass, nothing fancy) except his says roor on it. I paided 80 for mine. He paided 250 for his. Its simply the facts. Its the same for apple ipods, they cost so much because they have the Apple brand name on them. Just economics and big businesses.
  14. Everyone is entitled to an opinon and has the choice of buying the more expensive glass or not, but it is just ignorant to not recognize the quality in it.
  15. i get what ur saying. but id only buy the most basic roor cuz im a cheap bastard. and id only buy it to show off. and id only be paying for the name (thats what makes it "sick" btw)

    and ur name is illy coil. do u have one and how much was it? :smoking:
  16. whats better about the quality? thats all hes really saying is that there isnt much of a difference

    i dont kno either so i wanna hear from someone that is obv an owner of one
  17. if its not rolled its not ballin.
  18. There is no diff in quality. Unless the big ROOR letters reenforce the glass LMAO.
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    CAUTION: I'm being very matter of fact.

    If no one wanted nicer things then why aren't we all driving 94 civics? It's the same thing for bongs as it is in life. Listen, the more successful you get the nicer shit you buy. The more experienced you get with something (like a sport for example), the nicer equipment you buy. The more appreciative you are about something the more you spend on it. Why? because it shows and it refelcts your success, experiance (in most cases), and appreciation for something you love.

    Donald Trump doesn't drive around in a beater.
    Micheal Phelps isn't swimming in Target bought swim suit.
    Lil Wayne doesn't smoke mids.
    I don't buy cheap glass (unless its like, a sick deal).

    Then again Morgan Freeman drives around in a 1997 Nissan Maxim. Different strokes people.
  20. :rolleyes:

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