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need some legal advice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by frankenfish, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. i know theres another section for this but i figure i'd get an answer sooner here.

    i just got 2 suspension notices for that time i got busted a while back. the thing is i dont have a drivers license. it says my privilege to obtain one is suspended. i was not operating the vehicle in any way and the law only refers to penalties for the operator of the vehicle. wouldnt this be like a drunk person riding with another drunk person? the person driving would get his license suspended but the passenger wouldn't right? according to these i have to pay an additional two $175 fines before i could even get my license. im gonna fight this if you guys think this is wrong. i need a second opinion

    heres a link to the law. maybe i'm missing something?
  2. How old r u?
  3. i'm 20
  4. If you get in trouble legally they're allowed to suspend your privilege of obtaining a license. Usually this happens for minors, so most everyone is most likely gonna automatically assume you're under 18, which from your grammar...i'm guessing it's so. Possession is possession, you'll get a ticket and it's one of the consequences you can get from receiving that charge.

    Best thing to do is to ask the judge for a bargain, say how it's your first offense (hopefully it is) and he might let you off to a drug class or informal probation for a few months or community service or a ticket, just go to court and see what happens.

    I honestly have no idea how to give you other help or info, we need more to the story and for you to be clear about what you're asking
  5. ive stated several times that i'm 20...just because i choose not to write these posts like a thesis doesnt mean i'm underage.

    what judge would i talk to? i got a non criminal infraction. doing any of the things you suggested would be a worse punishment than the one i already received. in fact you didn't even really answer my question. so thanks for the irrelevant input
  6. well that sucks, i just got busted for 15grams of possession about a month ago. They let me off scotch free since it was my first offence. I still got a ticket of some sort for being at a park after hours.

  7. law in CT is if you're caught under 21 with bud they can suspend your license

    Connecticut Penalties
  8. I clearly stated they can suspend your license whether you have it or not if you get in trouble with possession. I would talk to the judge that you're assigned for the ticket, but if you've already received the punishment, there's nothing you can do.

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