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  1. So i've been DIYing it and using the 300w LED chinese boxs from ebay with great results. Im still a noob but I started about 7 months ago use one per plant and get generally around 2-3 ounces dried/cured per 3galon pot/organic soil/autoflower strain. I also got a 600w GIANT LED brand that the spectrum is more white but it is very bright and I paid 100$ for that and have gotten decent results.. but now its coming to a point where I want to push it and shoot for bigger yields. I dont want to break bank but I would pay for a high dollar LED if the results were there. I found this and this is a great price and I wonder if its worth it eBay . I dont want to spend 1000$ for a LED that is no better than quality than the cheap chinese LEDs that i've gotten decent results but I want the most bang for my buck and would spend more if I think I could double my results and a light I could put several plants under and get kickass results. I know these are situations some of you LED growers have been through and I need guidance because I want to get higher yields but I dont want to buy some overpriced LEDs that are no better than the cheap 60-70$ chinese box LEDs. Thanks for your input to anyone who wants to help me your experience and knowledge is appreciated.
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  2. Start doing research into building a Cree cob array. If you want quality that is a good place to start. There are some USA builders that are doing a great job using the Cree cobs. Johnson grow lights is one and I have no affiliation with them. Me, I built my own,very easy to do (8-CXB 3070 3000K) on a 12"X40" passive heat sink covering a 3'X5" footprint. The drivers are adjustable and right now it's flowing pulling 395 watts at the wall. For vegging I run it around 265-275 watts. The Cree arrays are very efficient lights for growing.

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  3. You'll get what you pay for!!! There's a hydro grower getting around 1.5lbs per Dominator 2Xxl. And that's some highly medicinal profiles your pulling using Lush. Btw, pic's above look very nice too. Girls are praying and loving it!!

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