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Need some karma for

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. My mom.. She has been in the hospital for the last 4 days and now is going to have open heart surgery monday...

    She has had trouble keeping her blood pressure under control for the last 5-6 years... The other day she had some pains that wouldn't go away.... The doctor put her in the hospital and run a lot of test... She has two blockages in her heart... One is 90% and the other is 95%... She has a real good doctor and has set down with us about the surgery...

    This doctor is not going to be doing the surgery though... There is a specialist that will be doing the operating...

    Please send some karma to her.....

    Thanks folks!!
  2. I'm on it, sweetcheeks!

    I'm sending all kinds of ~karma~ for your mother and for you and your family. Your ~karma~ helped my mother when she needed it...I hope mine helps yours. Love you!
  3. Thanks folks....

    RMJL I love you too... I know ion my heart that ya'lls karma will make everything alright!

    RMJL I wish well for all... I hope your family continues to be well!!!!!!!
  4. ~~karma~~BH, to you for being so strong, and to your mom, who has showed you how to be so strong cause she is!!!~~karma~~ I just know things are going to be alll good :)
  5. Thanks sensi.......

    Me, My mom, and, my dad all have the same cardiologist... He knows his stuff when it comes to hearts and arteries... I have to go see him myself next wensday.... I know him and the specia;kist will take good care of my mom....

    It never hurts to have good karma to go along with his expertise though!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. u can have all the karma i can give ya!
  7. your mom and family and you are in my thoughts and prayers. everything will be ok. think positive!
  8. I appreciate the karma... keep ya'll updated after the surgery!!!!
  9. Sendin out all the karma possible m8

    Hope everything works out fine!
  10. I sent out a fresh batch of karma just now, it should be arriving at any moment.

    cherish life
  11. BH, lots of karma coming from me and my friends...we'll be thinking about both of you..
  12. vincent karma is on his way. :::someone taps on digit's shoulder and whispers in his ear:::
    what? thats not the words? so what is? :::...:::

    oh!.... that makes so much more sence now...

    ... let me start this reply again.

    Instant karma sent to you and i'll be sending more later, especially when i get meditating when i wake up later.

    i hope a little humour helps too to you keep in highest possable spirits all things considered. :D

    dontchya just love how karma works. ;)

    it sounds like your mum is in skilled hands though, bud head. i doubt theres any need for a good luck wish.
    ... but here's one anyways...
    good luck to yer mum.
  13. I just got in from the hospital a little bit ago... She is doing well but nervous about the surgery tommorrow... She really isn't wanting to have the surgery.... I think I have convunced her that this is the best thing to do...

    Thanks for all this karma... I know it is helping me....
  14. awwwww sorry! hope everythng works out great! karma coming yourway! i will toke a bowl for u!!!
  15. She came through the surgery GREAT!!!!!!! I say it was the city karma that made the differance...]

    Thanks to all you bladies and blades out there... I am waiting to here from my sister about how she is doing now.. They should have been able to go in and see her about 20 minutes ago.. I had to bring the princess home a little early.....She wan't a happy girl since she wasn't able to roam the hospital!!!!
  16. Glad to hear shes doin great!

    never doubt the karma :)
  17. hope you gave you mom a big hug and a kiss, best wishes to ya'll

  18. Glad to hear it went well.

    Mega Recovery Karma and Prayers coming to you & your Mom!
  19. Wow...what an ordeal for you and your family. Been a bit scarce here lately...yard work... I do hope all goes well for your mom. So glad good medical care is nearby. that makes a difference. Lots of karma from GA.
  20. She is doing extremely well!

    They took her out of intensive care and put her in a private room today. They removed all the tubes and all she has is an IV in her arm...

    Styles....... The give her a fluffo pillow to hold when she coughs... She calls it her bear hug pillow..

    All in all she is doing great... May even get to come home friday or saturday!

    I plan on spending alot of my time staying with her in the evenings when she gets home! I may have to be at the city a little less for a while..

    My dad had a tripple bypass back five years ago Feb 14th... We had to sit with him for about 5 months....

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