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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Treatment_kid, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. OK I can no longer grow indoors and need some basic info on outdoor growing. K am I able to Pot a plant get the soil correct and leave in an outdoor area maint free (minus watering and PH)? I live in cali and would set the pot in a semi-wooded area where it would get 3/4 sun and 1/4 shady during the day and the nights arent cold. Oh yea is there a way to substitute for Sodium bulbs and your standard reds and blues? or will the sun handle this.............. and does someone know if outdoor buds have a high% thc content? :confused:
  2. I have had a few and i mean only a few plants make it on there own, but the conditions were primo, but 99% of the time they arent gonna make it and if they do it will be shit...
  3. why dont u just plant into the ground? potted plants need more care than ground planted. and usually no pH or water problems in the ground vs potted.

    im not quite sure what ur asking about the lights thing so ill just pass on that ?.

    and outside grown in full sun is better than indoor lighting anyday of the week. but the environment is harder to control vs indoor. like temp, freeze, wind, rain, bugs, animals, people, u forgetting where u planted it cuz u were stoned when u did it, and the multitude of other factors i havnt mentioned. if u can control all of those, then outside rocks.

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