need some info on 5x12x8 room- first medical grow

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  1. just pulled my old treehouse out of the old perch, its 5 feet wide, 12 feet deep, and 8 feet tall, fully insulated and will be placed inside my garage. i have no experience in rooms this large, its 482cubic feet so i know i need an exhaust fan that will pull that through a carbon filter. my main question is what size should my intake be, should i run intake fan/s or just hole/s? i will be running 2 un vented 1000w lights... the night temps drop really low at night and seeing as how this is my first big op. im not sure if 2 1000w lights will be able to heat the room up enough from the cold intake. i would appreciate any of grasscitys input.

    my setup will be as fallows
    5x12x8 room lined in poly film- connected to its own sub panel
    2 1000w hps/mh ballasts, they dont have vents in the hood
    8" vortex exhaust fan
    2 12" wall mount oscillating fans
    fox farms soil
    botanicare nutes- pro line grow, bloom, flower - cal-mag plus- liquid karma
    Canna nutes - Rhizotonic, bio boost, pk 13/14
    i have all the ph equipment and hygrometers/ thermometers from previous grows
  2. I have a few thoughts for you.
    First off, if you're only going to have one fan I suggest using that fan for intake rather than exhaust. So long as you have fresh air coming in, the old air will be forced out of cracks or holes of some sort. If you can, try to get another fan that blows less air than the in take fan for exhaust. That way, you will create a positive pressure system. More air coming in than going out.
  3. Oh!, I forgot. With cold temps at night you can try a few things. Keep the plants up off the ground, Cement draws a lot of heat away from the soil. you could use a space heater or some sort of water reservoir that will retain heat from the lights being on and can help keeps temps up when the lights are off. You Could use seedling heat mats but that will get expensive.
  4. You cannot use a carbon filter to clean your air if you have positive pressure in your grow room and air is being forced out of cracks and crevices. What would be the point of even having a carbon filter? You must have NEGATIVE pressure which means an exhaust flow larger than the intake flow so that smelly air does NOT escape and all air flows through the carbon. This is Ventilation 101.

    To the OP, what are the cfm specs on your fan? It may be large enough to ventilate your space especially if your temps are cool, although open 1K's get pretty hot. I'd suggest that you hook up everything and check your temps. Hook up your fan as an EXHAUST fan sucking from your space. Make a 10" hole on the opposite side of the room as a passive intake, turn your lights on and see what the temps are like. You might want to invest in a $20 fan speed controller to fine tune the cfm's of the fan to get the temps right. GL!

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