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  1. I recently started vaping concentrates. I can get them in a few different varieties and I am confused by the price. One looks more wax texture and one looks more oil. The oil cartridge is cheaper but tastes different. The smaller one that seems like wax is more pricey but pre filled. So what is the difference or what should I be looking for as far as measurements vs pricing. I have been smoking for a while but the vape thing is completely new to me. I am also noticing that some of my batteries affect the taste? Any thoughts?

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    try vaping dry herbs with a vaporizer that doesnt give an electronics taste (a clean desktop unit like a da buddha for example)

    concentrates are a bit of a concern, could be mislabelled who knows... dry herb can also contain bad pesticides but you see it and since vaping is so strong, concentrates are not needed... vaping a half gram might give you the effect of a few good dabs... so yeah... dabs must be quickly done if done right, while vaping a half gram would take some time or a large chamber and many huge rips.. so dabs might be usefull if speed is really needed...
  3. So why is it that some batteries taste different than others ? Using the same pre filled oil tip. I have one that for some reason tastes better than the other 4. But same tip just screwing on a different battery?

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  4. this could be the battery gives a different temperature (one that is more adequate for a good taste with your herb). different batteries would give a slightly different power to the device maybe if its a different brand its more likely but even within the same brand maybe it varies and it affects the temperature in the chamber or the speed at which the chamber recovers its temp.
  5. Thank you for the info! Is there any specific brand or battery you would recommend? I have 5 and only one tastes right.

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  6. Hi, I’ve done an extensive research on vaporizers and this brand El jefe. I hope one of my articles help you as a new user of vapes:

    If you have legally bought a cheap weed vaporizer pen to try inhaling the aroma for the first time, you may be anxious about the use. And indeed there will be certain reactions in your body. You may feel your heartbeats getting faster and your face may look somewhat flush. There may also be some light headedness. But such symptoms will mellow down soon as your body starts getting used to the ingredient that it is taking in.

    Once you get the high it may be the time to bring in some snacks too. Smoking marijuana does whet the appetite in most people and they start feeling really hungry. It will be good to have a big bag of chips, fresh fruits or may be just order a pizza. Typically cannabis also makes the mouth dry so ensure you have some beverages to go with the food.

    While the body mellows down from the impact of weed in about 15 to 20 minutes and gives relaxing sensation, the high can last longer if your smoking session also includes food and drinks. What weed patrons like about it is the fact that every moment of inhaling this herb feels great. Those however are individual opinions and actual experience differs from person to person.

    If you are taking marijuana via a vape pen for medical reasons, it is advisable to consult a health practitioner. Also make sure that you buy the cannabis and the equipment needed to inhale it only from legal shops in the United States and Canada. If you prefer to buy it discreetly without facing the embarrassment of searching at various drug stores in the neighbourhood, it is best to do it online. Do not hesitate to ask questions if terms like atomizer, vaporizer and vape stick confuse you. A quick correspondence via email or telephone will be helpful in getting to know the exact use of each.

    As government bodies in several states are taking steps to make medical marijuana legal, smoking the weed is no longer a taboo. All you need to ensure is that you are taking it the right way and have the courage to say no when you have had enough. Cannabis is a medicine the excess of which may be harmful. Also, do not force it upon people who refuse to give a try. You may also land yourself in trouble if you give it to children or adolescents below 18 years of age.

    Stay within legal boundaries and know your body well to enjoy the best of aromatic weed.

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