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Need some ideas for a nonprofit website.

Discussion in 'General' started by macaroniNcheez, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Hello, I know I'm new here but I would like some support. :hello:

    I'm currently making a donation based website where people can donate anywhere from $1 - 500 dollars and for every 50 dollars collected, someone randomly (most likely people struggling) will receive $45 deposited into either their paypal account or have the money mailed to them, with a message to pay it forward. The minimal amount I am keeping ($5 for every $50, will be to keep the website running).

    I'm looking for help with ideas on color scheme of the site.
    What key features people would like to see?
    Any advice is welcome.

    Thanks blades.
  2. I'm not sure, but you should definitely add some features that will validate your legitamacy as a nonprofit, what with the $5 you keep and people's paranoia. You're gonna have trouble getting people to believe you.
  3. buy used beds for homeless people
  4. i dont think people would like that idea at all to be honest. its like the hobos on the side of the road have now gotten library cards and entered the digital age.

    i mean who is to say who deserves that money more than someone else? just dont think thats your decision either.

    i would say maybe donate to a school or something. like to help kids pursue music. like alternative music stuff. not the classical shit. some more along the lines of things that use more modern instruments. like turntables. drum machines. computer programs for production. and then using the sound equipment.

    i think that would be a better opportunity for individuals than just handing someone money.

    but i would certainly suggest putting up some kind of verification, like the number to one of the organizations you donate to. they can help you out with that. probably some law info about their donation can be a tax write-off. and some stuff about you saying you grew up and went to a school that didnt have a great music program but you always wanted to learn about the music business.

    work on that idea. cuz really its more the idea that will make the website look good than the actually website itself. the idea is more important than the presentation.
  6. Heyy me too! I wanted to start up a site just like this, except all of the money goes to me. :devious:

  7. how do you figure they arent instruments? you ever heard of Qbert?

    how about nine inch nails? trent resnor uses drum machines all the time for a bunch of his shit.

    and the sound boards make the instruments more vivd sounding. as far as im concerned those are all instruments.

    if you arent learning how to play notes on something you are still having to learn the mechanical processes of how the thing works and you need to learn it fluently enough to make an actual composition, just like any of your other classical instruments.

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