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  1. Background is in this thread, just started.


    ------Ok so heres my first struggle.

    Ive been keeping my ph at 5.8ish. But every 5 or 6 hours its back up to 6.4-7

    I dunno wtf is going on. I assume its because i didnt soak my hydroton overnight, just kept soaking and rinsing it for an hour to remove buildup.

    My water temp is 65-68 degrees.

    Ive been adding ph down from general hydroponics, then waiting a few hours to test again.

    Leaves look nute burned.

    Ppm is 700-20ish.

    ------What am i doing wrong? Im about to flush, scrub the buckets and start over. Im using distilled water.

    ------My ppm on my tap water is 150. If i let it sit with an air stone to evaporate chlorine, can i use this instead of store bought? Store bought distilled is getting expensive!

    Second question:

    How do i purify rain water to remove any dirt/dust? I usually just filter it through some old T-shirts

    It raining right now.

    Any help is appreciated, thank you. Gonna add a pic from my ipad. Forgive the quality and the fact its not a thumbnail. Ill fix it later.


    ps, plants are green, they just look yellow from the light.

    Also, my nutes are 10+ years old. Could this have an effect?
  2. Any helps appreciated. Thanks.

    Sitting on my hands, waitin for a reply.
  3. Hey man, I'm in no way an expert but I can let you know my thoughts.
    I use tap water and leave it at least 2 days, generally a week, with an air stone to rid the chlorine and haven't had any issues yet.
    How are you checking your pH? I would be testing with a few different methods, eg. pH pen, litmus test and the water with drops, just to make sure something isn't playing up. Other than that, unsure sorry!!
    Now the rain water, I think the T-shirts should work, otherwise try a coffee filter.

    As I said, my words are definitely not gospel but just throwing out some ideas for you bud, good luck!!

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  4. I appreciate the feedback.

    Ive got a hannah ph pen the 80 dollar one.

    I use a 15 dollar tds tester from amazon.

    Im testing it using that rubber hose on the side, the runoff hose i guess youd call it.

    What im doing is pouring the runoff into a bowl, testing and repeating 5x. Basicalky using the scientific method to figure this out and be sure i get a median reading (stats)
  5. Im gonna say its your nutes man. That shit goes bad over time. If its bern in the heat it goes bad and if it freezes it goes bad. Go buy some new nutes like a $27 starter pack.

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    they are babies still. nute burn. cut back your solution to only ph'd water for 24 hours then start at 300 ppm. every 7-10 days, double your strength (if necessary). ;)

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