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  1. Hey GC!

    Thanks for stopping by to check out my thread, you might as well be reading right now and i appreciate it. You see, i live in Turkey, the city im in is: Eskisehir

    So anyways, were on frost times right now, and im just wondering what month should i begin for Eskisehir?

    Im also confused on this part, i know vegging is when its just growing and stuff. But suppose i plant the seed, how many weeks later of growth until i can use organic ferts and nutes?

    Also how do i know if it has entered flowering age. And in flowering age, what do i feed it, same goes with vegging, and which week of growth do i feed it in.

    It will be my 1st time growing, ive done many researching and looked at many guides. But it would help me out more if i get answeres here then people sharing links because their to lazy and feeling to smart and good to write.

    Please go basic, and simple on me.

    Thanks all, cheers :) - P.S my grow will be outdoors since i cant do it indoors, i am still in gr 12 im 18 years old and i dont have enough money to move out.

  2. hey IG :)

    k im not a pro but ill try to give you some advice that i gathered reading around here :) which when you have time you should too :)

    when growing outdoors you are dependent of the sun, and the weather. so you're gonna wait till summer to plant your seed I think. it's not up to you at this point to decide when to start flowering :) if you were growing indoors you could induce flowering at any stage you like by just giving 12/12 light which is impossible outside if you dont have a kind of a dome or something u know what i mean.

    about nutes im sure people will help you here but i dont know cause i'm not using any for now.

    as to when to harvest, the pistils have to be like 60-70% brown i guess ? correct me if im wrong anyone :)

    anyways its really early at the moment to start growing outside. i mean its too late... whatever it is its not the time :D hope u get what im saying im a little dazed :p

    have fun growing bro :)

    • Frost times: Figure out when the last frost is, and as soon as it hits, then dissapears ... plant.
    • Vegatative growth is root development, and new green growth. Nutes should be added after about 2 weeks. First watering you start off with 1/4 strength, the next 1/2, the nthe third time 3/4, then the fourth full, and full for the remainder of the grow. You must let the plant adjsut to the new food. Cant just start at full strength, it could damage them.
    • flowering is induced in the fall when the days get much shorter. when growing indoors, you can induce it at anytime by switchign the lighting cycle to 12 hours on, 12 hours off. But when growing outdoors, you depend on the sun pattern. you will have to research when the days turn short enough to induce flower. I've only grown indoors, so I cannot answer you that.
    • when growing outdoors, theres always an extra bit of precaution when it comes to security. Do you have a safe, isolated place that nobody will find it?
  3. Hey MaineCronic, infact; Yes i think i found a safe place. The problem is Eskisehir has dogs, rats all around the feilds. I walked for miles around empty feilds but every where is those u know yellow weeds and rat holes and some times dogs. :( what can u give me info on this

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