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Need some help

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by BluntedAllDay, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. This is my first real grow and i am using a approx 5 gallon pot with a mix of normal poting soil and vermiculite. I am growing all bagseed. The plantsa stay outside all the time and get direct sunlight just about all day long. One of my plants is about 1 foot tall but i am hsving a few different problems with this one. Some of its very bottom leavesd are turning yellow an starting to curl an get some brown spots on them, i figured nitrogen def. but i gave it some ferts an it has not progressed at all any help with this? Also when should i be able to see pre flowers? I see what i think are pre flowers but this is my first grow so that is just a total guess that im seeing them. Ne help would be great.
  2. Got a photo?
  3. No i currently don t have access to a digital camera, if i do come across one i will be sure to post a pic.
  4. Also wanted to add i am using peters 20-20-20 as a fert maybe this is the problem but am not sure
  5. Check the PH of the soil, you have got to keep it nuetral. Mine were going a little yellow whe i had them in pots but when i planted them in the ground everything is OK now and they are going apeshit!

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