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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Styles P, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. aight im a first time growed never grown a single plant a day in my life..... i take it that the seeds u get when u buy cheap weed will not grow right? second whats a good place to get some cheap seeds that will grow? 3rd: Growing Depth any specific depth? 4th: Watering how many times a day should i water... i live in south florida so and its still pretty hot out right now in the 70's so it still is decent climate to grow correct? and anything else i should before i get started..... (and can u break it down in plain english for me cuz the how to grow thing is just jibberish in my eyes) thanx for the help
  2. hmm..atleast you've already checked out some guides i take i'll try to help you out..

    Cheap weed seeds will definitaley grow..come harvest time you might not get the most potent weed, but it will still be weed..put the seed about an inch into the ground.

    Watering also depends on how much it rains...every 2-3 days or so you should water..depending on how moist the soil is at that time, if its moist wait till the next day to water it.

    70's are perfectly fine for weed to grow. A thing I like to do if im growing outdoors, is start the seeds off indoors to a few inches before I let them venture into the wide I do that is start them off in germination (if you dont know how to do that, do a search for germination 420) then if you have any fluoros, put the plants under fluoro lighting, roughly 2-3 inches away from the plants, untill they are 2-3 inches tall, then you can more easily take them outdoors and let them do their thing.

    If you plan on ferting, for vegitation (the beggining) you'll want to use a 10n-10p-10k fertilizer, when the plant is roughly 2 and a half weeks old. Then, during flowering (later on down the line, when thep lant actually produces the buds) you'll want to use a 15-50-15 type or so fertilizer...remember to dilute both ferts a bit aswell...

    Anything else?
  3. thanx for the help it was great........ as a test (dont know if it will work) i took a bunch of seeds from some cheap weed put them in a paper towel and put them in like a 1 inch deep hole and watered them and covered with soil? will this work or am i wasting my time?

    also i took one seed and am placing it in a water bottle til tomm mornin then take it out and plant it in some soil i got from some landscaping work around my house... then i will plant that int he same area as the rest of the plants (i would move it tomm morn but i got class)

    anyways i dont plan on fertilizing...... im not growing at my house or in my backyard im doin it in this brush about a block away and i dont feel like spending money on fertilizer (this is for personal use im not gonna sell it) and i dont think that indoor growing is an option for me seeing as i live with a roomate who doesnt like marijuana too much and would def bitch if i had plants in the house..... so will these seeds grow.... i know it says that the waterbottle will work but what about juss planting and seeing what happens

  4. no need for that paper town if your donig it like that..if your trying to germinate thats not the way to do it, if yuor not gonna germinate, water the soil, then just plop the seed in an inch deep.

    Also, heres a few outdoor safety tips i picked up..

    1. ghave an extra pair of shoes, a size or two too big/small, then put tape at the bottom of those shoes. The police wont be able to track the prints back to its no shoe prints and a different size shoe..

    2. Dont go at night..too suspicious..but also do it when no one is around, ofc.

    3. Dont tell ANYONE..anyone...not even your own mother, if you do, your begging to have it stolen or go to jail. Not trying to disrespect your mother..but say your mother has a very trusted friend, and she feel the secret safe with her...then your friend has a friend..and etc etc etc..till it comes around and your in jail or out of a plant come harvest time.
  5. aight i did the whole plop and water thing and im also trying soakin in water for 12 hrs then placing in soil seeing which works better(i read somebody's foolproof way to germinate and thats what it said to do) ...... im guessing prob a week to 10 days before the plant breaks the surface? ill let you guys know how its goin in about a week from now....

    thanks for all the help styles
  6. hmm, I guess that works...I tend not to do it that way though as thats a bit much water and will probably drown the seedling..but eh might work..shhould only take about a week to sprout, yepyep..and np..styles;)
  7. my whole opperation is being squashed and moved to a new spot....... the place i first planted turned out to be not smart (they started building a house about 50 feet away and cut down most of the trees) so im gettin some new seeds tonite seeing as im broke and smokin shitty ass bud but its better than not smoking at all.... ima plant again at a friends house who is willing to be part of the operation.... but its outdoor growing only not indoor........ question....... what would cause a plant after it grows a few leaves to fall over and die?(the stem doestn hold the plant upright) lack of nutrients in soil or something else???

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