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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DuvalPrincess, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Ok well I never got caught smokin weed and i been doing it for almost a year. I been close, one time my brother told on me, multiple times she came n the house n smelled it but just thought it was my brother *Who no longers lives with us*. My brother when he was 15, he got caught multiple times n they had a big thing about him smoking, try to take him to rehab all that, but thats because he went crazy with it. He now dropped out, got his GED, got a studio apt, n tommrow he bout to lose it, and pretty much has two choices, military r homeless shelter. Then on top of that my "father" has been an alcoholic all his life, then became a coke head, to a crack head, n pretty much made us lose all our money n move in to a 2 bedroom, single wide trailor. Where i had no cable, no phone, no nothing, barely had food, all i had was weed whWch i got for free cause not to be concited but im a pretty decent lookin female so i got free shit, n i dropped out cause i got tired of wearing da same damn clothes to school, cause all the clothes i did have my ex had bought me, not to mention half the time i was hungry. So now were out that situation not much better but its not a trailor, n my brother n mom still argued about weed. My problem is, she constantly talking about how it was such a disgrace for him to bring it n the house, n to smoke after all the things we been through, n always talks about how bad it is, n i wanna defend it n sometimes i do, but there only so much i can say, i smoke everyday at least once, n if i get scared she gon send my ass straight to rehab cause bottom line there not taking me alive, but im scared to get caught especially after my "father" n brother fucked up with it.........should i stop...fuck that...but is there n e other advice

    And if that didnt make sense my bad cause im high right now
  2. aint nothing wrong with natural.....just tell her, get it out in the open.........make her just sit and listen and explain that you are your own person and will not make the same mistakes......but weed is not really bad......that it only helps bring the nerves prosact or something else would help....tell them it is not addicting and that you can qiut anytime you want to.....they are gonna ask why you dont? tell them cause it is not hurting you or anything.....and if she smokes cigs throw that in her face ( not in a mean way or anything)......they cause more deaths than weed.......week has actually never been sinlged out as the cause of death......then after all that defening of week tell them you smoke and you will continue to will disrespect her by smoking in the house......and you will not act a fool.............if that doesnt work.........get a job and move out........:smoking:
  3. I don't want to sound like a total asshole, but rehab (at least the ones around here) cost money. It sounds like maybe your mom doesn't have money to spare for rehab, if it came down to that. You should only quit if you want to. But it sounds like you got alot of stress in your life and I'm sure weed calms you down to it most of the time. Plus, like you said, you're getting free bud. You shouldn't be scared that you're going to turn out like your brother, or dad. Only YOU control that. If you don't want to, just keep your life straight. You can lead a fine life with weed as a part of it.

  4. Thats a pretty bad, and stupid reason to drop out.
  5. i completely agree with you man. life's your choice and when it comes down to it defend your choices and don't let others drag you down because of theirs
  6. I'm not scared, she is. I have noooo desire to go smoke a crack rock. Yeah we dont have money for rehab, but they got these free outpatient thing, and u get tested weekly, all that bullshit.
  7. shit when yo go to a school like mine, where people try u for no reason, n on top of that u wearing the same shirt 3 times a week...dosent make u wanna go to school n da morning, but i got back in. so im good now
  8. My brother tried all of that, it aint work. N she dosent. I would jus tell her cause i dont think its wrong, but she close minded. But i'll prolli end up doin the last part where i jus tell her, ima smoke weed, n if u was smart u blaze up with me. Cause her up tight ass need to chill out. So thanks fo the advice.
  9. im sorry to hear this but please promise your self you wont sell your self(hooker) and you wont deal drugs its npot worth it
  10. ..What selling myself....ok i can promise that, but dealin drugs, no deal lol. NO trust me, im a weedhead not a weed hoe.
  11. By the looks of things, if you have the internet and time to be on weed forums, you have an easy life. By the looks of how you type, you need to get off your ass and back in school asap, you will regret it when you are looking for a job and dont even have a highschool education....
  12. ohh yeah, and selling weed, if you know how to do it, is very good. I would respect a person who can make a living from growing weed and selling it all to one person then letting them do the dirty risky work, especially if you do it all your life and dont get caught from being stupid. I know people who have done it.
  13. ok for one, i said i was out the trailor n doing better. Two, u dont know what the fuck i been through, so dont tell me what kind of life i got. Three, I just enrolled back in school, at a nearby college where im takin college and finishing my highschool education. Four, its called ebonics i have a college level reading and vocab, so dont act like u know me belittling me and shit.

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