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  1. This is my first indoor grow. The issue I'm having has occurred the last two days. I'm my 5th day into flower and my strech is happening. But for some reason all my new growth seems really lime green almost yellowish. The both been trained down to allow multiple cola sites , my question is what is happening to my babies. Is this normal.? Have not started with bloom nutes at all. There under 2 300 watt LEDs

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  2. Honestly I don’t see anything wrong with em
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  3. Pictures dont show much of the yellowing. Just wasnt sure if I should give it some nitrogen since the stretch has begun. Usually grow outdoor . So really never seen this. But if they look good to you. I'm good with tha . Thanks for replyin .
  4. Newest growth will be slightly lighter until it "matures". Honestly those look beautiful. But, I would give them bloom now as they will use P and K during that flowering process. Just watch for overfeeding.

    1st time? You have a green thumb.
  5. .
    Awesome. Good to know it is normal. Was getting worried. So start the bloom nutes. That i will do on the next feeding. Dont want to mess up my first attempt and indoors.
    And thanks about they looking good.
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  6. Sure thing. Yea, I would start out with a smaller amount of bloom at first, just to make sure they can handle it ok. and slowly increase it to normal as it continues along in flower. Also depending on how much nutrients are still left in the soil too. But if you do that, you shouldn't have concern for overfeeding/burning them. If you notice the leaf tips change just a little tiny bit, stop on the amount you are giving them (fertilizer-wise). a little tiny nute burn on last 1-2mm of leaf tips is ok, but no more than that. but if you match the nutes to what they should be getting you will not see any nute burn and be fine too. so just use the leaf tip thing as a warning/indicator.

  7. Thanks for the advice. Have not had any nute burns as of yet. But now I will slowly start the bloom fert at a small amount as you suggested. And then watch for any tips being burnt...
    Then over the next couple weeks increase to full strength.. thanks for you advice. Much appreciated for sure.
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  8. Sure thing!
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  9. Good looking plants. Well done. :thumbsup:
    Welcome to GC.
  10. Hey thanks everyone. Added A couple pictures of the yellowing it was noticeable quite a bit this morning. Just pray this is normal. 6 days flowering now

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  11. Thanks you for the kind welcome
  12. you have any Epsom salts? Just in case. And I could be wrong. There could be a developing deficiently like magnesium and/or sulfur. They shouldn't get too many shades lighter vs the old growth. That should be relatively consistent I think. But if they are in fact getting lighter color new growth, look into adding some epsom salt to your water (1 tablespoon per gal?)..or use cal/mag to supplement. But get other opinions from others first, I hate being wrong, and I would feel really bad giving you bad advice. Double check PH with the added ingredients if you do try a supplement.
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  13. Don’t give them nitrogen, since they are almost a week into flower, they are thirsty for P & K
    Also you can start feeding the bloom nutrient as well.

    I have the same thing with my plants right now. They are 1 week into flower, I was long suspecting it was an iron deficiency but Idk for sure. Check your pH maybe? Maybe the nutrients aren’t being taken through the roots.

    I think your plant will be fine. Just check if white hairs are growing and if they are, no need to worry. Mine are doing fine, and they look exactly like yours. They are yellow but i’m one week in to flower and even tho the tops are yellow, they are doing just fine and growing normally and healthy.
    Just my 2 cents
  14. Completely normal.. when first switching to flowering.
  15. Thank you. That makes me feel much better. They are growing and putting out white hair . Water has been Ph'd ... so I'll let them be and start there bloom nutes. As others have suggeste . Thanks for your feedback for sure
  16. Good to know. Thank you
  17. I'll start with the bloom nutes. Thanks for all the advice.
  18. Heres my gorilla glue a few weeks back after waking up from 12/12 flip.. lots of light/lime green

  19. That helped alot with the picture... same strain I'm growing so ok. I can stop panicking now. Whew... i thought I was screwing up big time. Thanks for the input.
  20. They look great btw... they are going to explode in the next few weeks.. heres mine at week 3 flowering, my first grow as well. good luck man keep doing what ur doing

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