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  1. Need some help with my autos currently being grown outdoors in the UK, PH is fine , temps are fine (night time slightly low at 55*).

    In coco/perlite, all on hesi nutes with added molasses and liquid seaweed.

    Never had trouble before but these girls dont like healthy at all. 6th week now from seed .

    Pictures will speak for themselves , I did self diagnose with mag deficiency so added small amount of Epsom salts a few hours before this picture.

    Any help or thought would be much appreciated, thank you !

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  2. Are you using cal mag? If so what other nutes are you mixing with it. FYI Epsom also works faster as a foliar.
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  3. No never had to use cal mag , I'm using hesi TNT with liquid seaweed and small amount of molasses . Yes a foliar would be next option but had to leave them for a week as I'm away , so hopefully when I get back they have improved
  4. Running high 6's all over
  5. If you're using cal-mag, Epsom salts is not needed, its Magnesium Sulphate which calMAG already has in it.
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  6. No I've never used calmag before I have ordered some though which I will start introducing in soon

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  7. In coco, most ppl say cal maq is a must. Personally, I mix in bone meal and Epson salts but that is mostly b/c I learned to grow in an era when cal mag was not nearly as common. Long and short is coco lacks minerals if you don't amend it. At this point, I would just add cal mag, your are pretty far into the deficiency
  8. Thanks, I will add calmag when I get back in 2 days hopefully the Epsom salts have helped ... I'm presuming the discoloured leaves will just wilt and die away ...
  9. FYI dont add more Epson if you are going to use cal mag, they bind together and make a mess. Just add the cal mag in 2 days they perc up.
  10. I will do thank you ! Hopefully only a few fan leaves have died off nothing more and got them in time with the salts I put in a few days back !
  11. I don't use coco, but I thought u were supposed to be around 5.8??

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  12. That's what I was thinking it is slightly higher but surely new growth would be affected ? May add some lemon juice on the next feed to drop it down

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  13. Coco

    5.5 to 6.2
  14. Yes probs on lockdown due to ph being high , tomo eve when back I will flush then give new feed with cal mag and ph test and drop to around 6 mark , hopefully it's not to late !

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  15. Its not too late. pH down to 5.8, also pH your flushing solution.
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  16. Got back quite a few leaves had curled and yellow but I'm only in week 6 will show a picture also trimmed off the big fan leaves where they curled and were pointless being there. Ph was defo to high at low 7s done a flush at 5.9 then light feed with calmag at low 6 , water run off showed 6.3 so seems to be ok now hopefully new growth will be green ! 20190602_105824.jpg

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