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Need some help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Rafael10, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. hey I'm new to this forum and kind of new to marijuana. started smoking at 18 I'm 19 now. Enjoying it very much. Started smoking in college but now I'm going home for break and won't be able to cop because i really don't know anyone from home anymore. I only know one kid who considers himself a canabis enthusiast. I need advice on how can I meet more people to share good experience and cop? 

  2. What is cop? Are you a cop

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    Yes, what is cop ? lol
  4. "Cop" means pick up. The OP is saying when he gets home, he doesn't really know anyone he can pick up from so he wants to know how to go about meeting new dealers.

    My advice, ask your friends who smoke and ask who they pick up from, or if you work, ask someone you work with. It's really easy to find someone if you know where to look. If you know someone who smokes cigarettes that's around your age, chances are they know where to find weed. Good luck. Or you can just stay sober and take a tolerance break so when you get back you get really high off way less than you used to smoke.
  5. If you cant find some buds just take the next step in the gateway.

  6. I'm sorry i use different language to be discrete about bud but "COP" is to another word to obtain something. ex: i want to cop an ounce bro. meaning i want to get, obtain and ounce. 
  7. dw guy I understood what you ment when you said cop lmao lol

    best way is to get out and be social I notice that everyone new I meet weed always gets brought up and some point and then that becomes a good time to throw in a yea its awesome and all that but I just got back into town blah blah and lost my link so now I have to live the sober live and then usually the other guy will be nice and offer to help out lol


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