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    Hi I am new to all this, and this is week one on some girl scout cookies "last years cannabis cup winner" they were clones from the mother, and they don't look healthy. They were bought as clones that already had a good root structure. Here is what i am running the water is on 15 minutes every 2 hours. the p.h of the water is 5.8 . the water temp is about 65-70 degree's, it stays at 75 in the locker between 50-55% humidity. there is a lot of new growth but the leves are skinny and they don't look right.
    first design.png my first setup
    1616590_810076069006592_1918718113_n.jpg the locker
    day1.jpg day 1
    IMGP1308.JPG close up 1
    IMGP1309.JPG  this is showing my problem
    IMGP1310.JPG this is the worst one
    IMGP1311.JPG farthest back plant 
    IMGP1314.JPG the chem's i am using i used half of what i said on the bottle per gallon

  2. update on this i just talked to the people i bought the locker from and the said its getting to cold at night and to change my lights on/off to on at night and off during day so now its at on from 4pm to 10 am and off from 10 am to 4 pm to keep heat in the room at night.
  3. I'm not versed in hydroponics but have you made sure your ph and ppm are within range?
  4. yes the ph is at 6.1 - 6.2 and ppm are at about 1200 with all nutrients added 
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    lol at 1200 ppm. Got a bit more reading to do ;) cut that down to about 180 and ph to 5.8. Check your ph and ppm regularly, if they are fluctuatikng then odds are your solution needs to be diluted even more

    Most plants don't require more than 800-900 ppm during peak flowering. Don't know anyone who runs full strength, let alone that early in veg ;)
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    sorry the wife said to add a zero but the meter says 138 on ppm. and why does the p.h go up everyday? i'll take a picture of what my readings are 
  7. as the plants are eating, or not eating the nutrients, this will cause ph and ppm to fluctuate. Check back in an hour and see if that 138 has gotten higher or lower, and adjust accordingly. Lower your ph and ensure proper res temp for maximum DO.
  8. IMGP1317.JPG ppm 148 and ph at 5.9
  9. Have you grown plants before ? And with that water cycle? (15 mins every 2 hours)
    They aren't sitting in water, are they?
    They look like over watering from the pix, but I grow dirt only so I shouldn't say anything about hydro....

    Since they were clones, they will be growing better once their roots develop.

    Nice setup !

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    the first anser is no this is a first. They aren't in the water yet but they do go into it later, but the tub has 4  big air stones on all the time. This is just week 1 this monday will be week 2. And thank you :)
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    2-8-2014.JPG saturday 
     since the start of the week i'm sure they have been on a roller coaster but they look much more healthy now. After all the research i've found no one really just says what they need to be right off. So from what i gathered was that in hyrdo setups like mine the water should run 15 minutes every 2-3 hours. if your using the system somewhere it gets cold at night setting the time to run at night will keep them at a nice temperature with less fluctuation. p.h for your little ones should be at 5.8 or a yellow color with the dropper test. Fans should be on 24 hours a day with your air stones. Never use full strength chemicals i used less than half this first week and still think that to be to much. Also don't let light get to the water or the roots fill in the empty holes if you have a similar setup, the reason behind this is that bacteria will grow in the water and rot the roots in a system like this especially if the water temperature is above 72 degrees F.
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    Today is the start of week 2, just got done changing water in tub to half solution recommended ppm is at 638 "the formula i'm using says the ppm should be at 1100 with full" so 638 is a lil more than half. They are still recovering from the cold but with the lights off you can see the color. these pics were taken today. 2-10-2014.JPG
    Anyone that has advice feel free this is my first grow :)
  13. How many air stones do you have running?
  14. i have 4 big stones in the white bin and 1 big one in the reserve tank on all the time.
  15. My solution is 216PPM mixed up and with cal mag, then as the plant drinks up the water it creeps up to 600-800 and I just add water.
    I never do anything about PH and it just stays 5.8-6.0

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