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need some help with uncured buds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dogoncouch, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. i need some answers... i just picked up an oz. and it seems to have small signs of mold and the stems do not snap when i break them, they like peel. i think it is because it is still wet or uncured. there is not vast signs of mold so dont tell me to toss it. the orange hairs seem very much darker orange then i normally see. and i see some brown hairs :mad: idk what i should do, i have no idea how to dry buds or anything. any ideas?
  2. microvwave on low?
    all it does is evaporate the moisture which leads to heating the applied materials
    but IDK of any side affects
    but I mean whats the worst that could happen you light a little in there?
    as long as you watch it it should be fine
    its not like we use it on food on a daily basis
  3. put it in a brown paper bag
  4. may be true... but you shouldnt compare eating and enhaling.
  5. you have a very good point
    but there is truly a science to a microwave that all it does is heat moisture by radiation which in turn burns it
    so like I said I havent tried it myself
    but it might work
    but I just thought Id throw out an Idea that wouldnt take a week
    so you can get to the happy days quicker
  6. lay them out for a while
    my bud is usually fairly "fresh" and so it usually tends to have a little more moister that i usually like. so i leave them out for a night. but make sure you dont have light on them
    just lay them out on a cloth or something for the night. in the morning, they'll be really smelly and probably good to smoke
  7. this reminds me of that episode of weeds when she owes a shitload of weed to that guy but her "friend" puts it all in her pool so she has to put it in the oven (or microwave)
  8. lol I remember that episode haha.
  9. I would take it all and make hash out of it. ASAP.
  10. this is your answer.

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