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Need some help with plant ID

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by harissteeter, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Sorry guys, not sure which section to post this in so I'll try here. I've got a plant that's fairly along the way. 2ft 3 inches to be exact. This and a few others are my first grow but this is the biggest. Sorry that the camera phone makes it look shitty. I took it standing above the plant because of the surroundings.

    What gender does it look like or is there no way to tell yet?

  2. not sure what gender it is but it looks healthy. Nice job with that so far.
  3. Did you just find it growing, or did you plant it?

    Just curious.. finding wild weed is always fun.
  4. I'm thinking possible female? - I think those are pistils (circled area). Try to get a good, up-close picture of where I circled next time.

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  5. I uh found it and uhm found half a dozen others close to it.

    Naah man I basically germinated the seeds, took care of it through the first couple of weeks and let it off into the wild in a very secure location.
  6. Those aren't pistil just new sets of leaves. you still have a few more weeks till you gender
  7. Considering summer hasn't even started yet I think i've got it going good so far =]

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