Need some help with my first grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by spiritualtoker1, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone!! im a noob on this site but have been smoking for about 3 years now so i know a thing or two. but i just started my first grow about a week ago using some bag seed and two 4 foot long cfl's i think i have one indica and one sativa so far but not really sure. i am growing in a closet 7 feet tall 5 feet wide and am trying to go for the bushiest plants possible using techniques such as fimming, lsting, etc. i have researched quite a bit about growing but am still lacking personal experience so i thought of this site as it has been helpful in the past. so basically im just looking for some pointers or tips than any veteran growers out there have for me thanks and happy toking!!:smoking:
  2. I would suggest germinating a few more seeds. Just 2 or 3 more. Since you're using bag seed you have no idea what will be male and female. No need in waiting all that time to have 2 males. Next I would suggest getting more lighting. Are you using your whole closet for growing or do you still have clothes and other crap in there? Also be sure you lay a tarp down or get a watering tray so you don't ruin your floor. A fan or 2 will help also.
  3. Well said Above Topping and good lighting will keep them bushy

    Watch your watering and heat 2 o the biggest problems with new growers

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  4. Hi. My friend over in Cali said he had 7 plants sprouting in 1 small 8 inch wide 6 inch deep pot. He wants to know if this will work.
  5. No you have to separate them one will take over as the alpha and kill of the others transplant soon

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  6. So... What would happen to them? Would they yield anything?
  7. Yeah good luck

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  8. thanks everyone for stopping by. and no there is nothing else in the closet just my planties lol. i already germed 3 other seeds and 2 of them made it and and now have their first set of leaves after the little oval ones. i will buy more lights when my budget allows and i already have a fan in there on low. hopefully i will get all females

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