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Need some help with Mum talking/educating

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by El Brossidente, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. So let me give you some information first. I'm 25 and live with my partner in a rented house. My brother is 17 and lives at home with Mum and Dad.

    We've all smoked since about June last year, and smoke basically every day.

    So recently, my brother got caught. To cut a longish story short, the only thing that came of it was "If you must do it then do it outside".

    So again, skipping some mundane details, he was caught again..,. not so much 'caught', as she knows now, but was caught smoking inside, which was her only rule. She then noticed lots of money missing from his bank.

    Basically this ended in her calling me to ask about it.

    Now, she is COMPLETELY uneducated. When I say uneducated, I mean beyond belief. She thought you bought it as powder, doesn't know how a bong works, was scared of my brother being addicted etc.

    So, uneducated BUT, it seems she doesn't have too much of a negative opinion either. She saw my brother's whole collection, like pipes, blunt papers, lighters etc. She could have just thrown the whole lot away, but instead she basically only said to do it outside, and she has talked to me because she was more worried than anything.

    So, it was kinda hard talking to Mum about it, and she asked if we do it. I said "what do you want me to say?", like of course we do if my brother does, he's here nearly every day. So through the phone call she was trying to get out of me how much my brother is into it or how much he smokes etc. I was trying to stay as neautral as I could.

    Basically, I'm happy with her reactions. In regards to my brother, she just said outside. When I said my partner and I smoke, she said that it's our house and none of her business etc. Which was the perfect answer. I told her the only concern we ever had about being 'caught' was that my brother would get in trouble, and that it was nothing to do with us if he smoked at home etc.

    So what I want help with is what to do from here. Basically I was thinking about sending her some facts in an e-mail. On the phone I said to her if she knows nothing, then I can teach her anything she wants to know. I was thinking if she had the unbiased facts and all the effects and side effects it has, it could be good.

    My own opinion of weed was that it was just a drug, and to stay away from drugs. I researched it on and off for over 5 years before ever smoking anything. I want mum to have all the information and see that it is literally less harmful than drinking.

    So, does anyone have any reccomended pages of facts or links or I could send her? I am looking for unbiased facts, so this includes negative effects as well.

    Thanks for any help guys, or thanks for even reading this far if you made it!
  2. good mom, seriously, if only everyone in the world had that attitude.

    you also mentioned she noticed money missing from her bank account, did/do you think your brother took it? sorry if i skimmed over it
  3. Nah I mean she has access to his online banking, and logged on and saw money missing. She said it was $1000 in a week! I said we owe him $200, and he said it's more like $500 missing, as in he spent $200, we owe $200 and he has $110 on him. But basically I stressed that there is NO WAY he could spend $1000 in a week. We get ounces for $320, and I told her that he could smoke all day everyday for over a week with an ounce.
  4. here ya go man, found this last week from another blades post. also check out norml's page and good luck man i wish my parents were that understanding and unbiased :smoking:
  5. Hmm..
    The Union: The business behind getting high.

    Best MJ doct. ever.
  6. Thanks heaps guys! I sent her the FAQ from erowid and am currently downloading 'The Union' after watching the first 11 mins on youtube.

    So thanks! I'll post back once I've talked to Mum to let you know how it all goes
  7. agreed. if my parents ever find out about my drug interest that's the first thing i'm showing them.
  8. Agreed, although so far my parents dont really have a clue.

    I do a pretty decent job, but i have my own place, which makes it easier.

    I live in a good area for bud tho, so i could probably get half pounds for 1100, no way he spent that much in a week on bud, if i ever dropped that much, i`d be selling like at least 6 ounces of that half pound, at least to make a little money.
  9. lolz @ Mum

    I know thats how you guys pronounce it but do you usually spell it that way too?
    I thought it was just the accent...

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