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  1. Whats up guys this may be in the wrong section but i need help quick. Im cannot upload any pics right now but will as soon as i get home.

    Anyway i took 15 clones from 2 mothers on the 3rd. Using rockwoll cubes phd at 5.5. Its been a little over a week and the new growth is really slim looking and hanging/curling down. I have a 40 watt fluro about 4 inches above the dome. I open the dome vents twice a day for about 20 minutes. Spray the leaves and cubes with water only phd at 6. There is plenty of humidity in the dome but the leaves just dont look healthy.

    Anybody have any ideas or auggestions?
  2. Never spray clones. The area you want to grow roots should be more damp than the rest of the plant. When a cutting gets plenty of water through its leaves, it has no reason to grow roots.

    For the same reasons, you don't want maximum humidity in the cloning chamber. You only want enough so that a little condensation starts to form on the middle of the dome's underside.
  3. I thought if you over water the rockwoll you could drown the roots so this is why I spray leaves but I will give your advice a shot. Thank you
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    That's pretty much true. The area of the cutting that you want to grow roots can be as humid as possible, but not submerged in water. The air then needs to be a little less than "as humid as possible." The humidity & the dome are more to prevent moisture loss than to supply water to the plants. Without losing any moisture through the air, plants can go without extra water for weeks. During this time, the cuttings will grow roots in search of a water supply, "knowing" they can only go so long without one.
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    Heres some pics
  6. You spray the leaves and cubes twice a day? I bet there is root rot happening. Let them dry out a little bit for a few days only spraying the dome cover to keep humidity up. I have been keeping 100% sucess with my clones and I only water when the cubes are completely dry.

    Every now and then I'll have a droopy clone from lack of water but I just water it after i notice the droopiness and it spring back to life after a few hours. It is more important to keep the rockwool somewhat dry so the roots grow out in search of water!
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    Yes it's certainly too humid. Be prepared for low to zero success rate on this batch. If you have a mother that's ready to take a clone or two from, I'd strongly suggest getting some new ones going as soon as the humidity is lowered.
  8. Thanks blue. That makes alot of sense to me. I will wait for the cubes to dry. Am i venting properly by opening vents twice a day? The light is on 24 hours should i cu it back to 18? Thanks for the help
  9. Actually I just checked under the cubes and a few have the taproot coming out so some of them are rooting. I have 2 mothers to take clones from and will be taking about 15 more whenever these clones root and transplant to the tray.
  10. Put it under the same light schedule as the mother
  11. I'd move the light further away...clones don't need much light at all to root. Too much can stress them. I did a cloning in coco tutorial in my thread btw..check it out if you get bored...I have great success with it..

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