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  1. Things to know - My entire grow is in an insulated travel trailer "sealed". co2 enriched (tank, regulator, controller). The problem is that with summer coming on, its getting too humid in the trailer. So i bought a dehumidifier with a humidistat. It works great, but it shits out a ton of heat. It boosted my room from 84 to 95 when the lights were on. Now, i am considering returning it and purchasing a AC/Dehumidifier combo unit. But all of the ones i have seen require you to install a vent to exhaust it. I'd prefer to keep the room sealed to keep the co2 optimal. And i havn't been able to find a unit that offers a thermostat, and humidistat (maintains humidity levels).

    Any suggestions on what to do? Is there any other ways to drop the humidity, fight the upcoming summer heat, and not lose precious co2?

  2. Have you ever tried running without the co2?
    My co2 rig packed up and my ladies never missed it, much eaiser to control temps without it and hardly any loss to yeild if any IMO :smoke:
  3. Dude if you vent that properly and put an a/c unit in there, CO2 is just overkill. The best thing you could do is put an a/c unit vented properly. If you can keep daytime highs in the high 70's - low 80's and night time lows in the mid to upper 60's those plants are going to love life.
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    No A/C unit requires you to vent out side all u will need is a small hole for the pipe work to exit the container to the condenser unit, as for A/C / dehumidifer there kinda 1 in the same, an A/C unit has a very cold coil and as air blows over it condensation appears alot and drains away, altho u have no control over the humidity levels its still dehumidifing and this is also the same way a dehumidifer works so you wont get a unit that will control both temp and humidty (unless you require to raise humidity). What u will be better off doing is buying a seperate A/C unit dont get the crappy portables get a decent DX unit, however u will need some1 to help u install it who has some idea about A/C / refrigeration.
  5. Well,
    from what i have been told (correct me if i am wrong, please), co2 doesn't increase yield that much, yet speeds up growth rate of the plants considerably.

    Also, the problem is that i only need to cool the air to 84ish wen the light is on, yet I feel at those temp levels the air would still be able to hold an ample amount of water. This is why I was looking for a combo unit... because there mite be a scenario where i need to decrease humidity levels, yet not decrease the temperature.

    More input Please,

    And thanks to those who have commented -much appreciated.
  6. most smaller window air conditioners don't vent the room air outside (at least not to any large degree)--they exhaust heat outside. the air conditioner removes the heat from the room air and recirculates the cooled air in the room. The heat is exhausted out the back of the unit. So, there really shouldn't be a problem running CO2 and a window air conditioner. You can find many window air conditioners that have a dehumidify only function.

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    you will 100% be needing to lower humidity and not temp or vice versa, the only way you are gonna do that it is with a seperate A/C. you wont find a unit that does temp and humidity at the same time, there are plenty or A/C / dehumidifier combos but u wont find one that does both at the same time they will only do one or the other at any 1 time. if ur humidity isnt that bad and there is alot of heat to get rid off an A/C might maintain humidity close to the lvls ur looking for.

    heres a thread i just found about the same thing, what endogarden quoted is pretty close to being 100% accurate, the main reason u wont find one that will do both is that it would be too big and bulky as it would have to contain 2 seperate systems in 1 housing rather than 1 multi function system.
  8. ahh, lol you just answered so many of my questions playar. Thanks a lot man.

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