Need some help with a ozone generator....

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  1. So, room within a room...My grow room is 4x5 foot.
    I use a 4 inch inline fan and scrubber that exits into the main room which is 28x18ft.
    I want to exhause into the room, as its in a basement, and I live up in the mountains so it keeps the room warmer. Intake for the grow room is also through the large main room.

    Now I have a air duct to bring fresh air in to the main room, an thus replentishing the grow room as well, but soon it will be winter, and I will not have the ability to use the outside air, as it will be far too cold.

    Would a small ozone generator in the main room help replentish co2 for fresh air for the plants through the winter?

    Thanks in advance...Still trying to figure this out before I get into the winter!
  2. Ozone generators produce ozone not Co2. So I don't think so. get your self a Co2 system.
  3. If you have fresh air coming in and being exchanged than there is no need for co2. You can add it as a bonus but IMO it's not need so long as you are changing the air in the room.

    Now seal the room up tight and you'll want to add co2 for sure.
  4. Thanks guys, thats the problem, the larger room, that the small grow tent is in, is sealed up nice and tight for the winter. So getting fresh air into the main room is important, but I really dont want to go to a co2 unless I have too!
    The thing is I was interested in setting a intake for clean air, to the outside, and just deal with the cold, but wanted something to kill the odor...was hoping to get a little ozone jr, and run it 30min every 3 or 4 hours...
    Anyone use these little guys? I was just going to set it up in the main room, not in the grow room...
  5. Wondering if opening the main room for ten minutes a day would replentish the air enough to make a difference...

    I really wish there was a program to draw up a floor plan, it would make this conversation far easier!
  6. I Use the Heat in the winter as well. I bring in fresh air from My house to the Grow room and blow the hot air from the lights to diff part of the House. I do have fresh air intakes on My furnace so my house feels and smells great. I do use a dehumidifier and a Large charcoal filter with a 8 inch in-line fan cleaning the air to keep from getting sticky or stinky.

    ps ozone Generators can kill and poison You and the plants in High doses. I would only use one to kill the smell for short periods of time with a timer.

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