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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by inchez, Oct 15, 2002.

  1. ok, im currently living with my parents, and im trying to decide what i want to do. do i keep on buying from people - sometimes getting great stuff, sometimes getting average stuff, and sometimes just getting ripped off. or do i start to grow....but this is where i need your help! there is no way in hell i'll be able to grow indoors living w/ my parents, so i guess outdoors it is...but its getting cold...fall is here. so i just need some good tips from some experienced growers...and mabey some help from people in previous situations like mine, and how you resolved the problems!

    thanx a lot fellow bud-lovers!
  2. im just growing my first bach now.I live at home with my parents so i use the attic because no one ever goes in there.Ive got one 600 watt sodium lamp with reflector and 10 grow lux florecent lights all lighting 16 just 2 weeks they are 18" tall and very bushy,im growin 5 white widdow,5 ak47,5 nothern lights and one skunk.I have a fan on them and 2 4 pint yeast oxygen systems, all are growing better than expected and are all green and healthy.
  3. dont plant outside now your plant will not grow

    1st light cycle are all screw up
    2rd if the soil froze then ur plant will die

    i suggest you to plant your seed around the 1st of june

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