Need Some Help..Rock Dust, Greensand & Mycorhize

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by bigc29, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. I just got those items & i don't know how much to add of each one to my soil mix...My mix is 21 Gal (84 Liters)
  2. Bigc29 - I noticed this morning that you took my advice and went reading in the rock dust thread - thank you. Some would have gotten all pissy because I didn't just give them an answer right away but instead directed them to a place where they could find many answers. You will now understand not only how much to use but why to use that much...and why it works as well as it does.

    Rock dust is a different kind of amendment than most others; and that's why I didn't want to give you a 2 sentence answer. I hope you can now understand why I didn't want to tell you the answer in my last post.

    Kudos to you on making the effort - not only on rock dust but on your recent soil mix in general; trust me, you WILL be glad you've gone this route instead of buying bottles, I can see that in the short time you've been here you've already started learning how and why.

    Rock dust, and organic gardening in general, is a hell of a fascinating subject isn't it!!

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    You can say that again.

    Is there any reason I should add greensand if i already have rock dust and azomite?
  4. Meh, but your going to do it anyways! ! Haha snag some Espoma and call it a day, Wal-Mart has it for like $3.

    Its going to take a year plus before it's ok any use FYI.


  5. You know me to well. Green sand, Neem meal, Protekt...... the lists never end :]

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