Need some help processing some older moist buds

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by KonstantinLevin, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. So my buddies apparently harvested a fair bit, then left them in a damp shed in unsealed cardboard boxes for half a week. This led to mold and spidermite. They then froze the buds overnight to kill anything in them. They are hoping I can help them salvage things a bit since I have a chemistry background. So, I have a couple questions maybe you guys can help me figure out.

    -How should I dry the buds to prevent any further mold or rot? I am thinking they will need more than just air since they are so moist, but I am hesitant to use a fan or rice or something because I'm worried they will dry too fast.

    -Does the freezing process really ruin buds? Aside from some trim still on them being ruined, the buds themselves seem fine. I've read this will also lead to a loss of trichs, but even before curing?

    -Should we just decarb it all now for edibles, and say fuck it?

    Help pls, there is a ton of bud that stands to be lost.
  2. A ton ? WOW I wouldn't smoke moldy , spider and spider web weed .
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  3. I would make some concentrates from it. Qwiso, bho, etc.
  4. When you get mold on the leaf the plant will absorb it and now the whole plant will be infected. Spider mites feces has bacteria in it and the eggs are still on the plant. I have not seen any proof that making it into a concentrate will remove mold, eggs, spider mites, maybe Si_Vapesalot can link a website or a book to reference from... I would toss it out, research smoking mold and feces before you smoke or eat it, huge health risks.

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