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Need some help please!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WoodPipeBaws, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Hey guys!
    At the end of last may, my parents caught me with some weed. I'm still living with them until i go off to school in september. The thing is, they don't trust me as much and they will probably drug test me randomly. Now, here is my question. I've been clean since June, and I'm really craving a nice blunt. How can I light up without my parents finding out? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. :smoke:
  2. here ya go man[​IMG]
  3. not another one of these

    "omg my parents cought me smoking now they're gonna test me how can i smoke without my parents knowing"

    grow a pair and tell them to fuck off or move out, these threads are so beat lol
  4. depends on if they'll kick you out or just yell at you. If they'll just yell at you, then who cares, spark up. BUT, if they are willing to kick you out or not help with school or something, then you best not smoke that blunt or you'll be in for some problems
  5. Your moving out in a month? Fuck it
  6. You really think they will drug test you?
  7. Explain to them why you smoke marijuana and that you know your facts about it (be prepared to argue this one if they bought into the reefer madness crap). If they're still angry, just agree to disagree and smoke outside the house.

    or just move out, always a good option.
  8. seeing all these bullshit thread just makes me glad that my parents were so chill about it but then again they smoked too so we were both reaping the benefits:D
  9. Go outside for a walk and smoke. Even if they find out it wont matter you're moving out in a month.

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