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  1. somethin weird is happenin when i smok man. ive been smokin for 20 snaps and have never had this. doesnt matter if its the best green goin or its the shitiest soap. its all sending me to the land of nod. about 2 weeks ago a mate gave me mirtazapine (zispin), said id get a good toke with thrm, but goddamn they knocked me silly. still dont feel right. thing is, im not being a weirdo or nothin here but i love my gbirlfriend and i think that she reckons im headin towards the darker edges of tthe whole drug thing (i did have a prob with that SHIT years ago). im worried sick. no offence to you doods but i'd rather lose the puff as her. its shit for her sittin with a muppet at nights and all i want is to treat her right - ie - not fall asleep on her every night. i love her man. i dunno what else to do, so i thought id give you guys a try. maybe one of you have had a similar thing happen

    william blake said "the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom"
    well my road is leading to a tin hut, without the only person in the world i ever loved.

    really, i dunno what to do. pleasse help, it'd be so appreciated. thankyou,

    Neu!2 (one of the best albums of all time!) (gary):confused::confused::confused:
  2. this was hard to read.
    But basically your girlfriends complaining about you being high etc?

    women tend to be jealous/dismissive of anything that lets you have enjoyment without them in a relationship..

    what seriously what are you asking/stating here?
  3. thanks for gettin back to me so quick man - appreciated! sorry about "hard to read", was typin so quick that i mixed some shit up. the prob is over the last while its been knockin me out almost, im sleeping when i should be with her. she's not like that, as in typical woman, doesnt like you to have a good time. she's been great - really! but its me, the problem is with me. its knockin me silly. yesterday for example - about 1600hrs me and my mate shot some pool and smoked some preemo shit. i was all over the place. slept most of the night. im gonna end up losing her and its not her fault (and by no means would i take shit of my girl if it was her being jealous!) i took those stupid zispin pills about week and a half to 2 weeks ago and they screwed me up big time. surely they still cant be doing this to me! i know yr in yr house chillin an shit but im seriously worried over here man. my fingers are sore cos ive bitten them so much. its sendin me off my head. she is "the one" an' i wanna have kids an' shit with her and defo dont want to put her though this shit. as i said before, ive smoked various forms of smoke for nigh on 20 years but never had this. i whityed when i was younger an' shit but this man, this is something else. if you have any thoughts gimme a shout mate and thanks again,

    ps. zeppelin kick ass, always preffered 4 but its all good. i worked for a while as a music journo. gimme a shout if you want me to post you a couple of data discs with some great underground bands from that era, especially the krautrock scene - amazing tunes. tha;)nks again

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