Need some help please??????

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  1. I got three of these rooted clones that I had under a humidity dome they got a little mold on top of the soil I transplanted and rinsed the roots off before putting in new soil they are yellow and not showing signs of growth> Any ideas or help is there something I should treat it with? Will these make it?

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  2. Any help would be great?????
  3. give em a little time might be in shock:eek:
  4. Hey plantman.....what kind of mold are we talking here? Like green algae or wispy greyish mold? Green algae isn't a big deal, but the other stuff is a sign that you're not getting enough air movement along with wet conditions--which are to be expected when dealing with a humidity dome. I would water sparingly with PH-corrected water--no nutes just yet for the first 6-8 days until you see new growth. These little guys are pretty resilient to abuse, so stay patient with 'em....dote but don't be a helicopter parent. Yellowing of clones are usually a good sign that the plant is using the available goodies left over in those old fan leaves for producing roots. :D

    Good Luck!!
  5. it was the greyish mold thanks I will see if I can see some growth
  6. Cool.....yeah, get some air movement and they should do OK. It was a good thing to change the soil since it was the greyish colored mold. You don't want that stuff around. I've made that mistake before.

    Best of Luck!!

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