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    so this is my first medical grow. the plants r about 5 weeks old. 5 days into flower. im using general hydronic fertalizers.during the first 3 weeks i was giving the plants about 400 to 500 ppm each time i watered. after the 3rd week i noticed some magnesium deficiency in the leaves. so i gave it cal mag at 400ppm. that didnt solve the problem, they started turning yellow. i flushed the plants with water and the ppm of the run off at 4 weeks was about 1000ppm. i thought that was ok, so i thought there was nutrient lock out . 5 days later they got a little yellower. so i flushed them again, the run off was 600ppm and the ph was 6.5. and they r still getting yellower. i have no idea whats wrong....... does anyone else have any ideas? thanks for your time.



  2. Id flush and feed with 6.5-7phd water and 25% base nutes and calmag.

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  3. Don't play doctor on the plants unless you really know what you're doing. GH has spent years formulating these nutes, so it is unlikely you actually had a magnesium deficiency, and when you started adding it, it threw other nutes out of whack. It's best to follow the GH feeding schedule, try fertilizing half strength each time or full every other time, depending on how they are looking. Don't stress too much about ppm's in soil.
  4. Ok I will give them half strength next watering , go from there, thanks

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