Need some help - plants dried out, leaves crispy

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I hope you can help me, when moving my plants from my small tent to the main growing one. I forgot about them for almost two days, left them under a 600w hps in there small pots. The evening on the following day, i checked on them as I had recieved soil in the post for moving them to there new pots. Anyway, they were cooked, leaves are very crispy and stems bent over a little from the top. Some of the plants have a little green growth close to the stems but not much. This happend two days ago, I have since when i saw what happend, repotted them into larger pots, watered with ph'd water and left in the dark for a day then lights on for a few hours.
    When touching the plant, most of the larger leaves are very crispy and some will start to kinda break up in your hand. The stems are not brittle just a little bendy near the top.
    Is there anything I can do to recover them? Would spraying some water from a bottle on plants itself help?
    Any advice would be great, funds are short so can't go out and buy anything very expensive.
    Cheers for any advice


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  2. Looks like it's time to start over... They don't take too kindly to being "forgotten" in harsh conditions.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. Damn, that is really bad news. Had a death in the family, so mind was not quite as focused as normally is. Two of them look to be recovering as they are not bent over anymore, kinda hope a few more start to recover before i have to give up. I placed an order for 5 news seeds, so will pop them and the freebies. Going to pray to the ganja god my  6 little white lemon and money maker recover.
  4. They may recover, in any burning situation like this its very important that you cool the whole plant as quickly as possible, but the real problem here is you, not enough thinking going on here,....? 600w on these tiny plants very dumb, a total fireman's delight, avoid growing until you are comfortable with yourself first...or risk appearing on GC 'fuck plants and problems' again!

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