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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by LOOOW, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Hello all. I'm getting ready to pick out some new seeds for my next grow. I'm going with autoflowers this time since it's a little late to start regulars outdoors now.  I also like how the autos stay small so they can be hidden more easily.  From what I've read, Mi5, mig29, rocket russian fuel, lowryder #2 and AK47 seem to be popular strains because of the higher yield and ease to grow.  In addition to these, I was looking at a strain called candy Kush on Attitude.  It says it's a good outdoor strain, highly mold resistent (needed where I am) and yeilds around 2oz's per plant.  I havn't been able to find to much info on that strain as far as people growing it outdoors.  If anyone can comment on the strains listed and let me know if you recommend it or have grown it yourself that would be great.  The climate of the area I'm going to grow at is similar to that of Central Florida, if that helps at all. Cheers :smoking:

  2. i just picked up: 3 Royal Queen Northern Lights Auto (high yeild), 3 Advanced Biodiesel Mass Auto, 3 Sweet Dark Devil Auto (hey shits purple! i want purple buds!), 3 Advanced Auto Skunk Mass Auto's, and 3 Delicious Il Diavolo (freebies). I already have 6 regular photoperiod plants in the ground, and was bored, so i picked up some autos to give me some smoke a month before the rest are done. It will also allow me to get my drying setup going this year, and to work out the kinks before my big yeilding plants are finished!
  3. Oh and i order'd from herbies. Heard alot of people arent getting their seeds from attitude, and my previous order was from herbies, and i got it in 10 days.
  4. I went balls deep and ordered 10 feminised "deimos" autos from budhaseedbank.

    All 10 seeds germinated and all were female and non hermi... so cant complain.

    Dunno how the smoke is seeing as they got a couple weeks to go etc.... but i heard it smokes beautofully and is very potent.

    Good luck in your choice man.. i have no complaints about deimos

  5. What was your yield from the grow per plant?
  6. Some autos on Attitude claim 40g-125g per plant.  The most I hear people getting off autos is 2oz.  Are the breeders just lying about the yield in order to sell seeds or are they really capable of producing that much?
  7. Not sure really, ive never grown auto before. Id expect 1-2 ounce per plant though. Unless your growing indoors, then you could up that some by using 24/0 lighting its entire life

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